Ultimate Web Automation Testing with Cypress
Vitaly Skadorva

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ISBN: 9788196782696
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Author Name: Vitaly Skadorva
Publishing Date: 10-Dec-2023
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Binding: Paperback
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Elevate Your Web Testing with Practical Insights and Advanced Techniques.


Step-by-step learning curve from the fundamentals to advanced Cypress testing techniques.
Learn to set up a development environment and write effective Cypress tests with hands-on guidance.
Master E2E testing, component testing, API testing, and data-driven testing for comprehensive application coverage.
Explore advanced Cypress techniques, integrate with popular version control systems, and enhance collaboration with tools like Cucumber.
Implement Cypress in CI/CD pipelines, ensuring automated testing, and gain insights into test outcomes through comprehensive reporting and result analysis.


Dive into the world of automated web testing with “Ultimate Web Automation Testing with Cypress.” From foundational concepts to advanced techniques, the book equips professionals with the skills to seamlessly integrate Cypress into their workflow. Starting with setup and basic tests, it progresses to cover end-to-end, component, API, and data-driven testing with practical examples and best practices. Further, it explores advanced topics like custom commands, plugins, Cypress Cloud, Smart Orchestration and Flaky Test Management. The book also unveils the integration with GitHub, GitLab, and Cucumber, and concludes with CI/CD implementation using Docker and Jenkins Pipelines, along with effective reporting techniques. 

By the end, you will have a profound understanding of Cypress, empowering you to excel in web application testing and advance your careers in the competitive software testing industry.


Learn how to seamlessly incorporate Cypress into your web testing projects for robust and efficient testing.
Acquire the expertise to navigate and successfully test intricate and challenging scenarios in web applications.
Discover techniques to enhance the speed and reliability of your Cypress tests, ensuring efficient and accurate results.
Create custom commands in Cypress, tailoring your testing approach to specific project requirements and complexities. 


This book is meticulously designed for software testers, developers, DevOps engineers, managers, students, and educators. It offers practical insights for both beginners and experienced professionals. Whether you're looking to enhance your testing skills or streamline web application testing, this book provides valuable guidance for all levels of expertise.

1. Getting Started with Cypress Testing
2. Setting Up the Development Environment
3. Writing Your First Test
4. End-to-End (E2E) Testing
5. Component Testing
6. API Testing
7. Data-Driven Testing
8. Advanced Cypress Techniques
9. Cypress Cloud, Smart Orchestration, and Flaky Test Management
10. Integrating with GitHub, GitLab, and Cucumber
11. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
12. Reporting and Test Results
13. Conclusion


Vitaly Skadorva is an experienced web developer and software tester specializing in end-to-end testing and automation. The author is an experienced software testing professional with a passion for web automation testing and a strong background in quality assurance. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he has worked with a diverse range of clients and technologies, helping to deliver high-quality web applications for businesses worldwide. 

A recognized expert in Cypress and other modern testing tools, the author has spent the last few years specializing in web automation testing using Cypress, guiding teams in adopting the tool and optimizing their testing processes. He continuously shares his knowledge and insights on testing best practices and the latest trends in web automation.



Veerkumar Patil is a highly experienced Software Testing Professional with a remarkable track record spanning over a decade in the field of Information Technology. He has made significant contributions across diverse sectors such as e-commerce, travel, banking, and telecommunications. Veerkumar's expertise extends to testing complex applications across various technology domains. He is well-versed in Test Automation, utilizing a range of testing frameworks including Selenium, Cypress, and Playwright. His proficiency extends to Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices, where he has worked with tools such as Azure DevOps, Gitlab, and GitHub Actions.

Veerkumar has a solid foundation in API Testing and has excelled in building automation frameworks for API testing using tools like Rest-Assured and Karate. He is also recognized as an open-source contributor for various NPM packages designed to facilitate parallelization of Cypress Testing. Veerkumar's extensive experience includes crafting automation frameworks for testing intricate business applications and processes.

Currently, he serves as the QE lead at Red Hat, where he plays a pivotal role in testing customer-facing applications for Red Hat's products. Beyond his professional responsibilities, Veerkumar is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the community through his YouTube channel and actively participates in various testing communities, where he presents valuable insights and experiences.

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