Ultimate Web Authentication Handbook
Sambit Kumar Dash

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ISBN: 9788119416462
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Author Name: Sambit Kumar Dash
Publishing Date: 23-Oct-2023
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Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 338

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Practical gateway to securing web applications with OIDC, OAuth, SAML, FIDO, and Digital Identity to.


Dive into real-world practical hands-on experience with authentication protocols through sample code.
Gain a programmer's perspective on cryptography, certificates, and their role in securing authentication processes.
Explore a wide array of authentication protocols, including TLS, SAML, OAuth, OIDC, WebAuthn, and Digital Identity.
Graded step-by-step guidance that simplifies complex concepts, making them accessible to programmers of all levels of expertise.


In today's digital landscape, web apps evolve rapidly, demanding enhanced security. This Ultimate Web Authentication Handbook offers a comprehensive journey into this realm. Beginning with web authentication basics, it builds a strong foundation. You'll explore cryptography fundamentals, essential for secure authentication. The book delves into the connection between authentication and network security, mastering federated authentication via OAuth and OIDC protocols. 

You'll also harness multi factor authentication's power and stay updated on advanced trends. The book expands on deepening your understanding of Java Web Token (JWT), FIDO 2, WebAuthn, and biometric authentication to fortify web apps against multifaceted threats. Moreover, you'll learn to use Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions for constructing highly secure systems. Whether you're a developer, security enthusiast, or simply curious about web security, this book unlocks the secrets of secure online interactions.


Comprehend Web Application Architectures and Enhance Security Measures. 
● Implement Robust Web Security with Public Key Cryptography. 
Harness SAML, OAuth, and OIDC for Advanced User Authentication and Authorization. 
Strengthen Web App Security with Multi Factor Authentication. Transition to Passwordless Authentication with FIDO and Biometric Security. 
Stay Ahead with Insights into Digital Identity, Biometric Authentication, Post-Quantum Cryptography, and Zero Trust Architecture Trends.


This book is for computer programmers, web application designers, and architects. Most Identity Management Products focus on the server components, while this book intends to serve numerous developers of client integrations who need a conceptual understanding of the standards. The sample applications are developed using Golang and Flutter Web.

1. Introduction to Web Authentication.
2. Fundamentals of Cryptography.
3. Authentication with Network Security.
4. Federated Authentication-I
5. Federated Authentication-II
6. Multifactor Authentication.
7. Advanced Trends in Authentication.
    Appendix A: The Go Programming Language Reference
    Appendix B: The Flutter Application Framework..
    Appendix C: TLS Certificate Creation.


Sambit Kumar Dash has been managing and building products for over 25 years, with interests in law, cybersecurity, and AI. He has eight patents in document technologies, computer security, virtualization, and human-computer interfaces. He provides product management consultancy to organizations through his venture Lenatics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.





Gopal Sharma is a hands-on senior technology leader and software architect in Enterprise Software, Digital Technologies, and Data Engineering, with over 25 years of proven experience in building innovative solutions to challenging business opportunities and building R&D teams. He is adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions that meet business requirements. He is also a freelance writer of technical articles in Big Data, Data Science, and Enterprise Tech.

In the dynamic realm of technology, Gopal's journey is a testament to the enduring pursuit of knowledge. Starting as a mechanical engineer, Gopal's life has been marked by a remarkable transformation, ultimately leading him to his current role as a book reviewer.

Raised in Kolkata, India, Gopal embarked on his academic path at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, graduating in 1995 with a Bachelor of Technology (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering. His early career was firmly rooted in the mechanical domain, where he honed his skills in machinery, design, and manufacturing.

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