Ultimate Snowflake Architecture for Cloud Data Warehousing
Ganesh Bharathan

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ISBN: 9788197223938
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Author Name: Ganesh Bharathan
Publishing Date: 25-April-2024
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 170

"Unlocking the Power of Snowflake: Unveiling the Architectural Wonders of Modern Data Management"

Key Features
● Learn from real client experiences for practical deployment and administration.
● Design secure and high-performance data architectures.
● Develop seamless data pipelines for creation, transformation, and consumption.
● Utilize Snowflake Data Exchange for collaborative data sets and insights.

Book Description
Unlock the revolutionary world of Snowflake with this comprehensive book which offers invaluable insights into every aspect of Snowflake architecture and management.

Beginning with an introduction to Snowflake's architecture and key concepts, you will learn about cloud data warehousing principles like Star and Snowflake schemas to master efficient data organization. Advancing to topics such as distributed systems and data loading techniques, you will discover how Snowflake manages data storage and processing for scalability and optimized performance.

Covering security features like encryption and access control, the book will equip you with the tools to ensure data confidentiality and compliance. The book also covers expert insights into performance optimization and schema design, equipping you with techniques to unleash Snowflake's full potential.

By the end, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Snowflake's architecture and be empowered to leverage its features for valuable insights from massive datasets.

What you will learn
● Understand the foundational principles of Snowflake architecture and its core components
● Efficiently manage organizations and accounts within the Snowflake environment
● Leverage virtual warehouse compute to scale processing capabilities effectively
● Implement role-based access control to ensure robust data security measures
● Establish comprehensive data governance practices tailored to Snowflake
● Apply the security framework provided by Snowflake to safeguard data assets
● Implement deployment considerations for seamless integration into existing systems
● Optimize data storage strategies to maximize efficiency and performance
● Explore the Snowflake Marketplace for additional resources and solutions
● Extend Snowflake's functionality using Snowpark for enhanced data processing capabilities

Who is this book for?
The book is designed for data professionals, including database administrators, data engineers, solution architects, and enterprise data architects, seeking to optimize their data management and analysis with Snowflake architecture. Proficiency in SQL, data warehousing, cloud computing, distributed systems, data loading/integration, security, performance optimization, and schema design are essential prerequisites. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, this book caters to all proficiency levels.

1. Getting Started with Snowflake Architecture
2. Managing Organizations and Accounts
3. Virtual Warehouse Compute
4. Role-Based Access Control
5. Snowflake Data Governance
6. Snowflake Security Framework
7. Deployment Considerations
8. Data Storage in Snowflake
9. Snowflake Marketplace:
10. Snowpark

Ganesh Bharathan holds a Master of Science in Telecommunications from George Mason University in Virginia, USA. He has over 26 years of database experience and has worked for a variety of insurance and financial companies. He began his database career with Teradata and later became a Teradata Certified Master® in 2008.

He has been at the forefront of his organization's cloud migration journey, leading many initiatives successfully. Ganesh is a Snowflake Subject Matter Expert® with many Snowflake SnowPro Advanced certifications, including Architect, Administrator, and Data Engineer. He also holds 17 certifications in AWS, Snowflake, Teradata, and Databricks.

Ganesh is extremely passionate about innovation, and he has been granted United States patent on "Query alerts generation for virtual warehouse" (US11494413B1), with five more pending patents approval. He has trained more than 5000 individuals in Snowflake through instructor-led courses and created several video-based training content and blogs.

He is an acclaimed tech speaker who has had the opportunity to speak at several technological conferences, including Data Summit 2023® and Snowflake Summit® three years in a row from 2022 to 2024

Ganesh is passionate about cricket and follows the Indian cricket team. His hobbies include gardening, traveling, and learning historical information.




Kumar V. Sangisetti is a Chief Data Architect, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, and Founder of Cloud data Analytics Company DataDarwin Analytics Labs (certified partner of Snowflake, dbt, Matillion, Vaultspeed, and Paradime) based in Hyderabad, India. He has over 18 years of Data Management experience with deep expertise in all aspects, from strategy, design, migrations, roadmaps, and development of Data Applications / Engineering in on-premise and cloud environments. He completed a Master of Computer Applications from Osmania University and worked for TCS, Accenture, and TechM as an Architect and Enterprise Architect. He is a certified professional in Snowflake, Microsoft, and DBT.

Kumar excels at working with Organizational Leaders and Executives. He directs and helps them understand and break down complex data initiatives, ultimately defining how those initiatives will bring business value. He is a recognized leader in the Cloud/Data industry, often speaking at conferences and training data enthusiasts all over the world.

Vikas is a seasoned Cloud, Data and AI professional, who excels in overseeing the development, maintenance, and enhancement of robust data platforms. His expertise lies in optimizing data processing, seamless model deployment, and ensuring scalability. Vikas’s strategic vision aligns with company goals and industry trends, fostering collaboration across data science, engineering, and analytics teams. He focuses on optimizing data processing, ensuring seamless model deployment, and guaranteeing scalability for the platforms. He stays at the forefront of data and AI technologies, implementing best practices and new tools to maintain a competitive edge. His key skills include proficiency in Data Engineering, AI/ML, Cybersecurity, Data Management across various platforms. He also has extensive experience in Automobiles, BFSI, Retail, Telecom, Manufacturing, and Pharma.

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