Ultimate Nuxt.js for Full-Stack Web Applications
Lau Tiam Kok

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ISBN: 9788196815141
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Author Name: Lau Tiam Kok
Publishing Date: 29-Jan-2024
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Build slim SSR and SSG Nuxt applications with Composition API, remote Node.js applications, and PHP applications for projects that scale and require better maintenance.


Develop full-stack Nuxt applications with Composition APIs, Pinia, Socket.IO, and LocalStorage. 
Separate Nuxt apps for frontend and data management APIs for streamlined maintenance.
Build data APIs with Node.js, MongoDB, MariaDB, RethinkDB, Redis, GraphQL, and WordPress.


Unlock the true potential of Nuxt.js with this comprehensive guide. The book explores the intricacies of Nuxt.js, with a primary focus on addressing scalability challenges inherent in web applications. Readers will acquire the expertise to efficiently separate APIs and data management from Nuxt projects, thereby significantly enhancing maintainability. This journey is complemented by harnessing the potent Nitro Server Engine, enabling the seamless construction of full-stack web applications using Nuxt alone, ensuring a harmonious blend of efficiency and scalability.

The book will help navigate the complexities of large-scale Nuxt projects, uncovering the integration of remote Node.js and PHP applications to streamline API and data management processes. Practical insights abound, offering a deep understanding of effective data handling and API management using prominent technologies such as MongoDB, MariaDB, RethinkDB, and GraphQL tailored specifically for Nuxt applications. By the end of the book you will create static site generation (SSG) Nuxt applications paired with WordPress to optimize production performance.


Master SSR and SSG Vue.js applications using Nuxt and the Composition API.
Build dynamic pages, manage HTTP errors in Nuxt, Node.js, PHP applications, and enhance functionality with composables, plugins, utils, and middleware.
Create responsive layouts using Windi CSS and Less, and optimize SEO and Open Graph by managing static and dynamic assets with composables.
Create a client-server shopping cart system with Pinia, Redis, and cookies.
Implement real-time features using Socket.IO and RethinkDB.
Build a headless CMS using WordPress for Nuxt applications.


This book is tailored for learners looking for full-stack web development with Nuxt.js using the advanced Composition API. Familiarity and prior knowledge of Vue.js is beneficial, it's not mandatory, as the book provides comprehensive guidance. Furthermore, readers are expected to have proficiency in utilizing WordPress CMS and familiarity with WordPress development.

1. Introducing Advanced Nuxt Web Development
2. Creating Pages, Layouts, Composables, Plugins, Utilities, and Middleware
3. Managing Assets and Adding UI Frameworks
4. Fetching Data and Handling Errors
5. Managing States and Stores
6. Managing Data with Nitro Server Engine in Nuxt
7. Managing Data with Node.js Apps for Nuxt
8. Managing Database with PHP Apps for Nuxt
9. Building GraphQL Layers with MongoDB, WordPress, and GraphQL Tools for Nuxt
10. Creating SSG Sites with Nuxt and WordPress and Going Further

Lau Tiam Kok was born in Penang, Malaysia. He studied Bachelor of Applied Arts at the University Malaysia Sarawak (1996-1999) and pursued a post-graduate MSc in Digital Futures at the Institute of Digital Art and Technology, University of Plymouth, UK (2002–2003). He is a minimalist designer and a full-stack web developer. Since 2004, he has worked as a freelancer, contractor, collaborator, or employee for various individuals, companies, organizations, and universities across Malaysia and Europe. Between 1999 and 2002, he worked as a Web Designer and Multimedia Designer/Developer for various local and multinational companies from Penang to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Additionally, he worked as a Web Application Developer in Kuala Lumpur from June 2015 to August 2016 and as a Data Architect and Analyst for Citizen Sense in the United Kingdom from 2015 to 2021.




Rohit Bahekar, a highly proficient Vue.js Developer hailing from India, brings over 7 years of steadfast dedication to the design and deployment of tailored, highly responsive web applications and e-commerce solutions. Possessing an in- depth mastery of Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Vuex, Pinia, HTML, JS, and CSS, he demonstrates proficiency in a wide array of tools and technologies, including Express.js, Node. js, Git, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite, Jest, Selenium, AWS, GitHub Actions, and Terraform.

With a substantial impact on distinguished organizations such as Virtuoso, Linkfire, and VSH Solutions, his professional journey comprises roles such as FrontEnd Engineer and Software Engineer. His contributions are palpable in accomplishments such as the optimization of ad units, enhancement of code quality, and resolution of intricate product issues. Rohit's commitment to excellence is underscored by his academic foundation, which includes holding a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering. Beyond his technical acumen, Rohit's achievements encompass the publication of a Chrome extension, the development of a screen recording feature, and the receipt of multiple Employee of the Month accolades. In addition to his accomplishments, Rohit's pivotal involvement in the design and implementation of novel features across multiple projects, all while serves as a mentor to expedite the growth of new team members.

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