Ultimate Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect SC-100 Exam Guide
Dr. K.V.N. Rajesh

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ISBN:  9788197223822
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Author Name:  Dr. K.V.N. Rajesh
Publishing Date: 23-May-2024
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Master Cybersecurity with SC-100: Your Path to Becoming a Certified Architect!

Key Features
● Comprehensive coverage of SC-100 exam objectives and topics
● Real-world case studies for hands-on cybersecurity application
● Practical insights to master and crack the SC-100 certification to advance your career

Book Description
Ultimate Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect SC-100 Exam Guide is your definitive resource for mastering the SC-100 exam and advancing your career in cybersecurity. This comprehensive resource covers all exam objectives in detail, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to design and implement effective security solutions. Clear explanations and practical examples ensure you grasp key concepts such as threat modeling, security operations, and identity management. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the book includes real-world case studies and hands-on exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned in practical scenarios.

Whether you are an experienced security professional seeking to validate your skills with the SC-100 certification or a newcomer aiming to enter the field, this resource is an invaluable tool. By equipping you with essential knowledge and practical expertise, it aids in your job role by enhancing your ability to protect and secure your organization’s critical assets. With this guide, you will be well on your way to becoming a certified cybersecurity architect.

What you will learn
● Design and implement comprehensive cybersecurity architectures and solutions.
● Conduct thorough threat modeling and detailed risk assessments.
● Develop and manage effective security operations and incident response plans.
● Implement and maintain advanced identity and access control systems.
● Apply industry best practices for securing networks, data, and applications.
● Prepare confidently and thoroughly for the SC-100 certification exam.
● Integrate Microsoft security technologies into your cybersecurity strategies.
● Analyze and mitigate cybersecurity threats using real-world scenarios.

Who is this book for?
This book is tailored for IT professionals, security analysts, administrators, and network professionals seeking to enhance their cybersecurity expertise and advance their careers through SC-100 certification. Individuals with foundational knowledge in cybersecurity principles, including experience in security operations, identity management, and network security, will find this book invaluable for learning industry best practices and practical applications on their path to mastering the field.

  1. Zero Trust Frameworks and Best Practices Simplified
  2. Cloud Blueprint-Conforming Solutions
  3. Microsoft Security Framework-Compliant Solutions
  4. Cybersecurity Threat Resilience Design
  5. Compliance-Driven Solution Architecture
  6. Identity and Access Control Design
  7. Designing Access Security for High-Privilege Users
  8. Security Operations Design
  9. Microsoft 365 Security Design
  10. Application Security Design
  11. Data Protection Strategy Development
  12. Security Specifications for Cloud Services
  13. Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Security Framework
  14. Secure Endpoint Solution Design
  15. Secure Network Design


Dr. K.V.N. Rajesh is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and serves as a Senior Subject Matter Expert at CloudThat. With an impressive background in Azure Security, Identity and Access Management, Information Protection, Microsoft 365 admin center, Defender Suite, Microsoft Cloud App Security, and various other security operations, Dr. Rajesh brings a wealth of hands-on experience to the table. With a remarkable 18 years of expertise in the realm of technical training, he is not just a seasoned professional but a passionate advocate for sharing his knowledge.Rajesh’s commitment to knowledge dissemination is evident through his provision of customized training solutions, tailored to suit corporate, online, and classroom environments. His extensive proficiency extends to Microsoft 365 Security, Azure AI, and Deep Learning. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has had the privilege of training more than 10,000 enthusiastic participants, helping them acquire crucial insights into the intricacies of his subject matter.

One of his most recent and notable accomplishments is securing the top spot in the highly competitive Microsoft Azure Blogathon contest. This recognition reflects not only his expertise but also, his dedication to staying at the forefront of industry developments and sharing that knowledge with others. In essence, Dr. K.V.N. Rajesh is not just a trainer; he is a mentor, a guide, and an expert who is committed to delivering training of the highest quality. His extensive experience, coupled with his commitment to staying updated with the latest trends, makes him a valued resource for anyone seeking to master the intricacies of Azure Security, Microsoft 365, and more. His passion and knowledge are the cornerstones of his impactful training career.




Oluwaseyi is an accomplished Cybersecurity Expert with over a decade of experience encompassing threat intelligence, incident response, risk management, cloud security, and policy implementation. He holds a B.Eng. in Information and Communication Engineering and an MBA, both from the University of South Wales. Oluwaseyi is certified in CISSP, CCSP, CRISC, CEH, CLPT, and other prestigious credentials, demonstrating his commitment to professional development. He actively shares cybersecurity expertise through writing and mentorship, making him a highly sought-after professional for organizations seeking to fortify their defenses.

Wojciech Ciemski, also known as Blue Team Sparan, is a valued cybersecurity expert with many years of experience in IT. As the founder of the Security Beyond Taboo® blog and vCISO and CSO, he is known for his dynamic commitment to

cyber education, captivating audiences at major IT conferences. His involvement with Open Source and the Blue team underscores his commitment to advancing cybersecurity knowledge. Through his work, Wojciech embodies the spirit of innovation and community, supporting a safer digital world.

Amrit Lal is a Cybersecurity professional with over 15 years of field and domain experience in IT and Cybersecurity. He has experience in working with complex cybersecurity platforms and solutions. He has witnessed the rise of cybersecurity needs for organizations and the community. Currently, he works with organizations to build more secure cloud-based infrastructure that meets required security regulatory compliance, as per business requirements, to avoid any future security Attacks.

Purav Desai has over 4 years of experience in Cyber Security, with a particular focus on Microsoft Security. He showcased his passion for technology through his PDTechHD YouTube channel in 2012. Purav has worked with Microsoft Security tooling across various industries, including Retail, Transportation, Energy, and Financial Services. Having covered a variety of Cyber domains, Purav currently works as a M365 Incident Responder in Financial Services, with a focus on Cloud Digital Forensics. His Cyber portfolio can be found at https://github.com/ PuravsPoint.

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