Ultimate Ember.js for Web App Development
Aswin Murugesh K

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ISBN: 9788197081927
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Author Name: Aswin Murugesh K
Publishing Date: 13-March-2024
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Build large-scale, complex Web Applications using the battle-tested Ember.js framework.

Key Features
● Gain comprehensive insight into Ember.js fundamentals and delve into its internal mechanisms to become proficient with the framework.
● Accelerate your learning journey with hands-on live examples provided in the book, fostering skill development through practical application rather than passive reading.
● Master the complete lifecycle of front-end application development, from inception to deployment, ensuring a thorough understanding of the end-to-end process.

Book Description
Unlock the full potential of Ember.js with this comprehensive practical handbook tailored for both novice and experienced web developers.

Starting with an introduction to Ember.js, delve into essential concepts such as Ember-Cli and local setup, gaining proficiency in Ember.js routing for seamless navigation within your applications. Learn to craft dynamic user interfaces with Ember.js components and templates, leveraging Ember Data and Services for efficient data management.

Navigate the intricacies of configuring your Ember app to suit your specific project requirements, while ensuring the robustness of your codebase through comprehensive testing techniques. Utilize the Ember Inspector tool to debug and optimize your applications with ease. Finally, master the art of deploying your Ember.js applications to production environments, ensuring a smooth and efficient deployment process.

This book provides invaluable insights and practical guidance to become proficient in Ember.js. With a focus on real-world applications and best practices, " Ultimate Ember.js for Scalable Web Applications" equips you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in modern web development.

What you will learn
● Grasp the essence of web development and comprehend the intricate components that constitute a web application.
● Attain an in-depth understanding of Ember.js modules and their cohesive interplay within the framework.
● Discover strategies to optimize and prepare an Ember application for production deployment.
● Dive into hands-on exercises within the book, guiding you through the process of constructing your own Ember application.
● Harness the power of testing to fortify your application's security and instill confidence in your codebase.
● Cultivate proficiency in Ember development, equipped with comprehensive end-to-end knowledge of the framework to navigate projects autonomously.

This book caters to web developers specializing in UI/UX solutions for both mobile and web platforms. Ideal for those seeking seamless integration with Ember 5 and other JavaScript frameworks, it also appeals to students aspiring to advance beyond beginner-level web application development. While beneficial, a basic understanding of JavaScript is recommended for optimal comprehension and application of the concepts covered.

1. Introduction to Ember.js
2. Ember CLI and Local Setup
3. Ember.js Routing
4. Ember.js Components and Templates
5. Ember Data and Services
6. Configuring your Ember.js Application
7. Testing Ember.js Applications
8. Ember Inspector
9. Build and Deployment
10. Conclusion


Aswin Murugesh K holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from the College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai, India. He has worked as an intern and employee in top MNCs like Amazon, and Oracle and also has experience working in startups of different stages, thus having an overall knowledge of the industry. He then started his own company back in 2019, focusing on developing quality products for their customers. He started Kuriyam.io as a service-based company and has recently transformed it into a product-based company in 2023 with their first in-house product, Pinaippu, which focuses on WhatsApp marketing and automation.

Through his company, Aswin helps nurture college students by providing internships for them to learn hands-on about working in a nimble startup environment and learning different technologies. He is an active contributor to Stack Overflow and also provides paid mentorship for Python and JavaScript-based projects through online platforms like Codementor.

Right from his college days, Aswin has been a part of the Free and Open Source (FOSS) community and has been interacting with students from colleges across Tamil Nadu to teach them the importance of open-source software and tools in the software community. He also conducts sessions teaching different programming languages like Python, and JavaScript, and different frameworks like Ember.js, React.js, Django, and Flask. He always insists on students learning the “How” in everything instead of just the “What”. His teachings always focus on making people understand how things work, and not just what they do. This will enable the students to become thinkers instead of just doers.




Yamuna is a seasoned professional with 14 years of extensive experience in front-end development. Holding the position of Technical Lead at HappyFox, she boasts over 13 years of comprehensive web development expertise alongside a robust background in physics. With a passion for problem-solving and analytical thinking, Yamuna excels in crafting high-quality, secure, and user-friendly features using Ember, a cutting-edge JavaScript framework. Her enthusiasm for embracing new technologies is only rivaled by her dedication to imparting knowledge to others.

In her role as Technical Lead, Yamuna undertakes a multifaceted approach, encompassing code review, release management, and seamless coordination with backend teams. Notably, she has spearheaded the implementation of generic solutions addressing critical web application security concerns, including XSS, CSRF, and CSP. Yamuna's proficiency extends to end-to-end feature development, leveraging Python and Ember, while her skill set encompasses HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and Jquery, among others.

A pivotal member of the development process team, Yamuna has played a pivotal role in establishing best practices for REST APIs and elevating code efficiency and quality. Her commitment to fostering teamwork, collaboration, and innovation is evident in her efforts to cultivate a positive and inclusive work environment for her team members.

Having made significant contributions during her tenures at Zoho and HappyFox, Yamuna is now eagerly seeking a new and exciting role where she can continue to leverage her expertise, drive, and passion for excellence in web development. With a proven track record of success and a steadfast commitment to professional growth, Yamuna stands ready to make a meaningful impact in her next endeavor.

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