Ultimate Docker for Cloud Native Applications
Meysam Azad

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ISBN: 9788196815127
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Author Name: Meysam Azad
Publishing Date: 19-Feb-2024
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Unlock the Power of Docker to Revolutionize Your Development and Deployment Strategies

● Dive into real-world Docker expertise through hands-on learning and practical exercises.
● Covers Docker fundamentals and extends to advanced orchestration techniques, for holistic understanding of the ecosystem.
● Benefit from expert perspectives gaining insider knowledge and practical insights.

Embark on an enriching Docker journey with this definitive guide meticulously designed to take you from foundational knowledge to advanced mastery.

This book adopts a holistic approach to containerization, starting with essential concepts, Docker's intricacies, and then moving on to an exploration of core concepts and architecture. You will then move seamlessly through building and managing Docker images, navigating networking challenges, and mastering the art of persistent data management. Each chapter builds upon the last, ensuring a thorough grasp of Docker's intricacies.

The book will help you streamline deployment with Docker Compose, scale applications through Docker Swarm, fortify deployments with security insights, and seamlessly integrate Docker into your CI/CD pipelines. Push the boundaries further with discussions on Docker in cloud platforms, an introduction to Kubernetes, advanced Docker concepts.

Authored by a seasoned Senior Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), this book goes beyond the theoretical by providing insider insights, best practices, and real-world scenarios. Bridging the gap between concepts and application, it serves as your trusted companion in navigating Docker complexities.

● Build and manage Docker containers with practical proficiency
● Create efficient Docker images tailored to diverse application requirements
● Orchestrate containers seamlessly using Kubernetes for robust and scalable deployments
● Implement advanced networking solutions within the Docker environment
● Troubleshoot common issues and optimize Dockerized applications for peak performance
● Gain expert insights on architecting scalable and resilient software solutions

Tailored for Software Developers, System Administrators, DevOps Engineers, IT Managers, Cloud Architects, and Infrastructure Engineers, this book offers valuable insights and advanced techniques. Whether you're a Docker beginner or seeking to deepen your expertise, it addresses a variety of roles in the dynamic realms of software development and IT. While no prior Docker experience is required, a foundational understanding of containerization concepts and familiarity with Linux environments can enhance the learning experience for all readers.

1. Introduction to Docker
2. Docker Architecture and Components
3. Building and Managing Docker Images
4. Docker Networking
5. Persistent Data Management with Docker
6. Docker Compose for Simplified Application Deployment
7. Scaling Applications with Docker Swarm
8. Securing Docker Deployments
9. Docker in Continuous Integration and Deployment
10. Docker on Cloud Platforms
11. Introduction to Kubernetes
12. Exploring Advanced Docker Concepts
13. Future Trends in Containerization
      Appendix A: All-in-One Cheatsheet


Meysam Azad is a seasoned Senior Site Reliability Engineer with a diverse background in the tech industry, possessing skills in Kubernetes, Rust, Linux, Python, Golang, CI/CD, and IaC. In addition to his professional experience, Meysam enjoys writing technical blogs, weightlifting, and playing piano. He is passionate about exploring life beyond daily routines and is dedicated to sharing the knowledge he has gained throughout his career.






Thinknyx® Technologies is a team of professionals with years of experience in IT technology, ranging from Software Development to the Management of IT Infrastructure, Cloud, Automation, Container Management, Web and APP Development, Security, and Professional Services. Recognized as a reputable brand, Thinknyx® Technologies provides IT consulting services, offering comprehensive Information Technology and Soft Skills’ Training. Additionally, they offer Talent Acquisition and Recruitment solutions to diverse organizations worldwide. 

Mr. Yogesh Raheja, the Founder and CEO of Thinknyx® Technologies, is a certified expert in DevOps, SRE, Cloud, and Containerisation, with two decades of IT experience. He has expertise in technologies such as Public/Private Cloud, Containers, Automation tools, Continuous Integration/Deployment/Delivery tools, Monitoring and Logging tools, and more. Mr. Raheja is passionate about sharing his technical expertise with a global audience through various forums, conferences, webinars, blogs, and LinkedIn. Moreover, he has authored multiple books, including Effective DevOps with AWS, Automation with Puppet 5, and Automation with Ansible, and has published his online courses on various platforms. Furthermore, he has reviewed multiple books for Packt, including Implementing Splunk 7, Third Edition and Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook, Third Edition, among others.

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