Ultimate Django for Web App Development Using Python
Leonardo Luis Lazzaro

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ISBN: 9788196815110
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Author Name: Leonardo Luis Lazzaro
Publishing Date: 22-Jan-2024
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Craft Scalable and Dynamic Web Apps using Django and Python

● Real-World Practices and Solutions for Crafting Dynamic and Scalable Django Solutions.
● Build a Comprehensive Task Management System Hands-On.
● Explore Advanced API, Testing, and Deployment Techniques with Real-World Applications.

This comprehensive guide is an indispensable resource for developers seeking to elevate their web development skills in Django and Python. The book begins by establishing a strong foundation and understanding of Django's architecture, emphasizing the Model-View-Template (MVT) pattern and a pivotal service layer for creating scalable web applications. The book then progresses to practical aspects, guiding readers through the development of a Task Management App. This hands-on approach reinforces fundamental concepts and showcases Django's flexibility and efficiency in real-world scenarios.

The advanced sections of the book will help you tackle complex challenges, covering topics like preventing double-form submissions, implementing offline pessimistic and optimistic locking techniques, mastering API development with Django Ninja, and ensuring application reliability through exhaustive testing with pytest. The book culminates in practical insights for deploying Django applications with Docker and Kubernetes, this guide equips you to tackle real-world challenges effectively.

● Unlock the potential of Django 4.2 and Python for robust web development expertise.
● Seamlessly build and deploy a complete Django project, implementing essential features like authentication, authorization, and multi-tenant capabilities.
● Develop and secure APIs with Django Ninja, following best practices for a streamlined process.
● Gain mastery in testing with pytest, ensuring the creation of reliable, bug-free Django applications.
● Elevate your skills and create web solutions with confidence using the latest tools and techniques in Django development.

This book caters to web development enthusiasts, Python developers and experienced programmers looking to build scalable web apps with Django. Whether you're new to programming or seeking advanced insights, this guide offers a progressive approach. Beginners establish a strong foundation, while seasoned developers delve into advanced topics like preventing double-form submissions and implementing locking techniques.
1. Introduction to Django and Python
2. Setting Up Your Development Environment
3. Getting Started with Django Projects and Apps
4. Django Models and PostgreSQL
5. Django Views and URL Handling
6. Using the Django Template Engine
7. Forms in Django
8. User Authentication and Authorization in Django
9. Django Ninja and APIs
10. Testing with pytest
11. Deploying Django Applications with Gunicorn and Docker
12. Final Thoughts and Future Directions


Born in Buenos Aires (la Ciudad de la Furia), Argentina, Leonardo Luis Lazzaro has always been fascinated by the idea of creating something out of nothing. His first contact with computers began at an early age, fueled by classic video games like Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island.

By the age of 12, Leonardo was already running his own Bulletin Board System (BBS) using ProBoardBBS Software, making him one of the youngest participants in online communities in Argentina. The BBS allowed him to meet other tech enthusiasts who introduced him to the programming world. His fascination with computer demos from the demoscene became a strong motivation for his continued discovery in programming. 

Leonardo's academic path led him to study computer science at the prestigious Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). He embarked on a Ph.D. in drug discovery, trying to apply computational skills to solve highly complex challenges on GPU simulations. However, his journey took a turn, leading him away from the academic world and becoming a Ph.D. dropout. With 12 years of experience in Python, Leonardo has developed a profound expertise in this programming language. He is proficient in several Python frameworks, including Flask, Pyramid, Django, FastAPI, and others, showcasing his versatility and deep understanding of web development and application design.




David Wobrock is a seasoned software engineer in the domains of backend web development, cybersecurity, and developer experience for multiple years. As an active contributor to Django, he plays a significant role in the Django Triage & Review team, showcasing his commitment to the advancement of the framework. Within Django, his primary focus revolves around contributions to the Django ORM and database migrations. Additionally, David is dedicated to maintaining open-source Python packages within the Django ecosystem.

He has worked for several startups, contributing not only to the growth of their technical stacks with reliable and secure software but also enhancing team efficiency by providing internal tools, guidelines, and best practices within the organizations. He believes that having the right tools, which make it easy for developers to do the right thing, is essential for building a great developer experience. Thus, when these tools are enablers for teams, they not only become more efficient but also build more reliable, scalable, and secure products.

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