Ultimate ChatGPT Handbook for Enterprises
Dr. Harald Gunia, Massimiliano Zattera, Karolina Galinska

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ISBN: 9788119416400
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Author Name: Dr. Harald Gunia, Massimiliano Zattera, Karolina Galinska
Publishing Date: 21-Oct-2023
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Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 608

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Empowering the Global Workforce with ChatGPT Expertise.


Comprehensive Guide to GPT Evolution, AI Capabilities, and Prompt Engineering.
Design Patterns for Enterprise Personas, Architectures, and AI Assistants.
Management of the GPT Solution Development Cycle.


Ultimate ChatGPT Handbook for Enterprises” is your indispensable resource for navigating the transformative world of ChatGPT within the enterprise domain. It provides a deep dive into ChatGPT's evolution, capabilities, and its potential to democratize technology interactions through natural language. 

Throughout its chapters, you'll embark on a journey that spans from comprehending the lineage of GPT models to mastering advanced prompt engineering techniques. It will help you take a step into a futuristic enterprise landscape where ChatGPT seamlessly collaborates with human intelligence, fundamentally transforming daily work routines across various enterprise roles. 

The latter chapters will help you attain proficiency in managing GPT projects, discovering the agile and iterative approach to GPT solution life cycles using real-world scenarios. You will also be introduced to practical GPT implementation frameworks for both Python and Java.

This book offers practical insights and applicable skills, fostering informed dialogue and active participation in the ongoing enterprise AI revolution. If you want to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving AI landscape and unlock enterprise excellence through ChatGPT, this book is your go-to companion.


Discover strategies to maximize ChatGPT's capabilities, fostering innovation and process optimization across global industry sectors.
Develop proficiency in crafting effective prompts using Prompt Engineering for seamless AI interactions, enhancing ChatGPT's utility in enterprise contexts.
Acquire the expertise to design intelligent assistants that elevate enterprise operations, promoting efficiency and innovation.
Gain practical skills to implement ChatGPT solutions using Python and Java, enabling seamless integration with your enterprise systems.
Learn effective project management from initiation to validation and change management, ensuring successful GPT solution implementation in enterprises.
Explore how ChatGPT can reshape various roles, boosting productivity and fostering harmonious AI-human collaboration in the workplace.


This book is designed for business professionals, IT specialists, and AI enthusiasts who are eager to delve into the transformative world of ChatGPT and its applications in the enterprise landscape. A foundational understanding of AI concepts and familiarity with enterprise dynamics will be beneficial, but not mandatory, as the book is structured to guide readers from basic concepts to advanced implementations, catering to both novices and experts alike.

​​1. From GPT-1 to ChatGPT-4: The Evolution Towards Generative AI
2. CapabilityGPT An Enterprise AI-Capability Framework for ChatGPT
3. The Impact of ChatGPT on the Enterprise
4. Architecture Patterns enabled by GPT-Models
5. Advanced GPT Prompt Engineering Techniques
6. Designing Prompt-based Intelligent Assistants
7. Mastery of GPT-Projects
8. LangChain: GPT Implementation Framework for Python
9. predictive-powers: GPT Implementation Framework for Java
Appendix A:
Appendix B:


Dr. Harald Gunia is an Associate Partner for Applied Artificial Intelligence at Infosys Consulting, has a rich background with over 25 years of consulting experience in applied AI and a decade in Enterprise Architecture and ERP transformations. Between 2021 and 2023, he successfully delivered multiple live GPT projects across various industries, showcasing his adeptness in leveraging Generative AI technologies for business transformations. Dr. Gunia is well-versed in a range of technical areas including Machine Learning, Conversational AI, and Natural Language Processing, grounded in his educational foundation with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (1994) and an MSc in Computer Science (1989). His expertise extends to Computational Logic, Knowledge Graphs, and Responsible AI, positioning him as a guiding force for enterprises navigating the complex landscape of modern AI technologies. Dr. Gunia is a beacon in the AI community, fostering innovation and steering organizations towards a successful digital future.



Massimiliano Zattera brings a rich background in software engineering to his current role as an AI architect at Infosys Consulting. Leveraging his 20 years of experience in developing software solutions, ranging from standalone applications to enterprise-grade backend solutions. He now leads teams in pioneering AI projects with a focus on conversational and generative AI. Massimiliano is also the creator of the open-source predictive-powers Java library, a tool designed to empower Java developers to integrate generative AI functionalities into their applications.


Karolina Galińska is an experienced NLP Engineer and AI Consultant, currently working at Infosys Consulting. She has a solid background in robotics and a strong education in neural network architectures. Throughout her career she has been involved in a variety of projects centered around generative AI, NLP, and conversational assistants, showcasing her wide-ranging skills and knowledge. Karolina's enthusiasm for cognitive science serves as a major driving force in her work, leading her to constantly seek advancements in the field.



Marcin Solarski has 25 years of experience in designing and engineering data- intense enterprise applications, deployed both on-premises and in the cloud. Applying AI/ML in these applications has been close to his heart since he learned the foundations of neural networks back at university. Marcin has worked across various industries, including computer and software vendors, telecommunications, finance, retail, and oil and gas. He has had the pleasure of leading research and development, technical consultancy, and support teams. Among others, he has worked for Deutsche Telekom, IBM, and Dover Corporation. At the moment, Marcin works as a Senior Principal in the AI and Automation practice of Infosys Consulting, Europe, where he assists global accounts in achieving business value by leveraging reliable and scalable data engineering approaches as well as adopting AI and GenAI technologies in the business. He is passionate about leading data-driven transformations and building and nurturing teams of experts to support such transformations. 


Eric Noack has over twenty years of experience in driving cost-effective business solutions, primarily in data and analytics. He has led large and small teams in designing and implementing a wide range of custom and packaged software solutions across a range of industries, including energy and utilities, food and beverage/consumer goods, technical services, and government/public sector. His first venture into IT consulting was co-founding an office systems value-added reseller after which he transitioned into leading software strategy and implementation projects and business process assessments at several global and boutique consulting firms. Much of that work has been strongly focused on advanced data visualizations, enterprise data warehousing, master data management, and other data and analytics focus areas. 

Currently, Eric continues to pursue his passion for leading high-impact data and analytics implementations and supporting his clients looking to leverage artificial intelligence for greater business effectiveness.

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