Ultimate Blockchain Security Handbook
Taha Sajid

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Author Name: Taha Sajid
Publishing Date: 07-Oct-2023
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Blockchain Security is not an option, it's a necessity.

● An in-depth examination of the security aspects of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger Fabric.
● Comprehensive coverage of smart contract vulnerabilities, attack analysis, and effective security measures.
● Leverage Blockchain Risk Management Framework for managing risks associated with blockchain technology
● Practical insights into testing and assessing the security of blockchain applications.
● Strategies and solutions for robust access control using blockchain-based identity and access management.
● Expert insights on identifying and categorizing risks using advanced threat modeling techniques.

The Ultimate Blockchain Security Handbook will help you identify and remediate your Blockchain solution bugs before others do. Covering the latest threats and vulnerabilities, as well as effective mitigation strategies, it takes you on a journey from the security foundations of blockchain technology to implementing advanced security solutions for blockchain applications. It helps you identify, assess, and mitigate risks using a variety of tools and techniques, including threat modeling, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, attack analysis, and security audits. It covers formal verification methods for testing smart contract code, with an application of the K semantic framework. It then explores a range of blockchain security solutions, including zero-knowledge proof architecture, access control design, establishment of robust public key infrastructures, and the implementation of security logging and monitoring tools to track activities effectively.

● Acquire proficiency in efficiently assessing and categorizing risks through comprehensive threat modeling exercises.
● Learn to conduct thorough audits of smart contracts and blockchain applications using diverse tools, formal verification methods, and established frameworks.
● Learn to design secure blockchain architectures by implementing cutting-edge techniques, including zero-knowledge proofs, access controls, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), and robust security logging.
● Learn to take appropriate actions when encountering cryptocurrency-related internet scams, ensuring a safer digital environment.

This book is tailored for blockchain developers, architects, security experts, software professionals, and researchers/cryptographers seeking in-depth knowledge of blockchain security. Whether you're building blockchain systems, strengthening security expertise, integrating blockchain into software, or delving into advanced research, this book equips you with essential skills and insights.
1. Blockchain Security Overview
2. Blockchain Security Variations
3. Attack Vectors Management on Blockchain
4. Blockchain Application Exploitation
5. Blockchain Application Audit
6. Blockchain Security Solution


Taha Sajid is a Principal Security Architect and a 5G Security Lead at Comcast. He is responsible for security design and architecture, vulnerability management and security operations for the end-to-end 5G wireless network. He is also focused on driving Data Privacy controls and security standards of 5G for 3GPP SA3 group aimed towards Zero Trust Security policy.

He has over 15 years of experience in telecommunication and cybersecurity design and operations. Prior to comcast, he has worked for organizations like Huawei, STC, Mobily, Ericsson and Ufone as a technology leader and has supported over a dozen enterprises, financial institutions, and startups as a cybersecurity advisor for Blockchain and digital currency solutions.

Taha is also a principal cybersecurity advisor at digital currency think tank advising central banks and financial institutions on security architecture and design. Taha serves as a co-chair of IEEE FNTC Webinar Series, also an active member of working groups for the ATIS 5G Zero Trust and IEEE Future Networks for Data Security and privacy. He also runs a YouTube channel to educate the community, where he publishes technical design and cybersecurity content timely for 5G and Blockchain

Taha has also authored online courses cybersecurity for blockchain, Defi and Fintech, which are used by thousands of professionals, having a 5-star rating.

Due to his valuable contributions globally and several publications on emerging technology and pressing IT topics, he has received several international awards and featured/interviewed by the media/ newspapers.


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Furthermore, Waqar has garnered a formidable array of certifications, including OSCP, CEH, CISSP, ECIH, ISO27001, Certified Blockchain Security Engineer, and API Security Architect. These certifications not only underscore Waqar's dedication to continuous learning but also enhance hisability to critically assess environments and tools. Waqar's certifications in cybersecurity serve as a testament to hiscommitment to excellence and attention to detail, qualities that extend seamlessly to the realm of critique. 


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