Ultimate Azure Data Scientist Associate (DP-100) Certification Guide
Rajib Kumar De

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Author Name:  Rajib Kumar De
Publishing Date: 26-June-2024
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Page Count: 340

Empower Your Data Science Journey: From Exploration to Certification in Azure Machine Learning

Key Features
● Offers deep dives into key areas such as data preparation, model training, and deployment, ensuring you master each concept.
● Covers all exam objectives in detail, ensuring a thorough understanding of each topic required for the DP-100 certification.
● Includes hands-on labs and practical examples to help you apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, enhancing your learning experience.

Book Description
Ultimate Azure Data Scientist Associate (DP-100) Certification Guide is your essential resource for achieving the Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate certification. This guide covers all exam objectives, helping you design and prepare machine learning solutions, explore data, train models, and manage deployment and retraining processes.

The book starts with the basics and advances through hands-on exercises and real-world projects, to help you gain practical experience with Azure's tools and services. The book features certification-oriented Q&A challenges that mirror the actual exam, with detailed explanations to help you thoroughly grasp each topic. Perfect for aspiring data scientists, IT professionals, and analysts, this comprehensive guide equips you with the expertise to excel in the DP-100 exam and advance your data science career.

What you will learn
● Design and prepare effective machine learning solutions in Microsoft Azure.
● Learn to develop complete machine learning training pipelines, with or without code.
● Explore data, train models, and validate ML pipelines efficiently.
● Deploy, manage, and optimize machine learning models in Azure.
● Utilize Azure's suite of data science tools and services, including Prompt Flow, Model Catalog, and AI Studio.
● Apply real-world data science techniques to business problems.
● Confidently tackle DP-100 certification exam questions and scenarios.

Who is this book for?
This book is for aspiring data scientists, IT professionals, developers, data analysts, students, and business professionals aiming to master Azure data science. Prior knowledge of basic data science concepts and programming, particularly in Python, will be beneficial for making the most of this comprehensive guide.
1. Introduction to Data Science and Azure
2. Setting Up Your Azure Environment
3. Data Ingestion and Storage in Azure
4. Data Transformation and Cleaning
5. Introduction to Machine Learning
6. Azure Machine Learning Studio
7. Model Deployment and Monitoring
8. Embracing AI Revolution Azure
9. Responsible AI and Ethics
10. Big Data Analytics with Azure
11. Real-World Applications and Case Studies
12. Conclusion and Next Steps

Rajib Kumar De is a seasoned Data Scientist with a Master's in Statistics and over a decade of industry experience. He excels in Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing (Microsoft Azure), AI, Deep Learning, and NLP. With a strong research mindset, he tackles complex problems using supervised and unsupervised learning methods.

Technical Expertise and Team Collaboration: Programming Languages: R, Python, Cloud Platforms: Microsoft Azure, Azure Databricks, Microsoft Fabric, Data Science Tools: Azure ML, MLFlow, Fabric Data Science

Rajib collaborates with a team of experts to tackle complex projects and ensure client satisfaction. Outside of work, he enjoys stock market analysis and travel. His blend of technical skills, certifications, and client-focused approach makes him an ideal partner for data science and machine learning projects.




Nehaa Bansal is a trailblazing thought leader and data scientist, driven by a relentless passion for early innovation. With a wealth of experience spanning multiple industries including banking, finance, telecom, and insurance, Nehaa has mastered the art of developing predictive models that drive impactful outcomes. Her ability to excel both as an independent contributor and a collaborative team player sets her apart in the field.

Nehaa's academic journey showcases a string of remarkable achievements. Earning top honors in her graduating class, Nehaa obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer science, laying a strong foundation for her future endeavors. Building upon her academic success, she further honed her skills by earning a master’s in data science from the esteemed BITS Pilani.

At the core of Nehaa's professional ethos lie values that shape her every action. She thrives on taking ownership, putting people first, and asking the fundamental question of "why" before embarking on any endeavor. Her agile mindset propels her to act swiftly, embrace failure as a learning opportunity, iterate continuously, and always strive to play fair.

Driven by her deep-rooted passion for solving user problems, Nehaa leverages her expertise in analytics capabilities, product strategy, and leadership to craft innovative solutions. She approaches every challenge with unwavering dedication, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Nehaa finds fulfillment in various personal interests. She relishes the power of continuous learning and remains at the forefront of emerging trends in her field. Furthermore, she is an avid advocate for creating a more inclusive and diverse work environment, fostering collaboration and empathy among team members.

With an indomitable spirit and a commitment to excellence, she continues to inspire and pave the way for others in the realm of technology and data science. Her unwavering dedication to her craft, coupled with her deep empathy for others, has solidified her as a thought leader and a catalyst for positive change.

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