Ultimate Agile Administration with Jira
Yogita Chhaya

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ISBN: 9788196782603
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Author Name: Yogita Chhaya
Publishing Date: 30-Nov-2023
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Binding: Paperback
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Empowering Administrators and Teams With Ultimate Solutions for Agile Project Success with Jira Software


●  Step-by-step customization and administration of Jira with real-world examples and use cases.
●  Explores the full potential of Jira Advanced Roadmap for strategic project planning and execution.
●  Create projects in the Jira Cloud environment to cater to the demands of cloud-based project management.


The “Ultimate Agile Administration with Jira” begins with an in-depth exploration of Agile fundamentals, providing a comprehensive overview of Scrum and Kanban frameworks. Readers will gain proficiency in setting up projects, covering the Jira product family, key terminologies, and project templates.

Readers will learn to create boards and implement Agile best practices within Jira. It will help to configure boards for visualizing team progress, planning sprints, and efficiently prioritizing and estimating tasks. It offers insights into Jira administration, guiding customization of workflows, screens, and issues to meet unique team requirements and seamlessly integrate them into existing projects. In the final section, the book explores team-managed projects in Jira, covering Filters, Dashboards, Reporting, and Automation Rules. Tips and tricks are also provided to optimize team productivity.

The book offers an overview of Atlassian Marketplace plugins, Atlassian Analytics, and Jira Product Discovery. It comprehensively explores the features of the Jira Advanced Roadmap. This book is an invaluable asset for aspiring Jira Administrators preparing for Atlassian certification.


●  Master the fundamentals of Agile methodology and Jira administration tailored for the Jira Cloud version. 
●  Navigate and implement basic to advanced features of Jira, ensuring seamless integration with Agile Scrum and Kanban methodologies.
●  Administer Jira software with customization aligned to your organization's unique business requirements.
●  Gain practical insights through real-life scenarios, examples, and essential tips, guiding you through the entire Agile project life-cycle within Jira.
●  Dive into the intricacies of Jira Advanced Roadmap features to enhance project planning and execution.
●  Explore and integrate feature-rich plugins from the Atlassian Marketplace, expanding your Jira environment's functionality and adapting it to your unique needs.


Whether you're a tech or non-tech professional, student, software developer, or an aspiring Atlassian-certified individual, this handbook is for you. It provides in-depth insights into effective Jira software administration and is well-suited for individuals with foundational Jira knowledge.

1. Getting Started with Agile, Jira, and Jira Terminologies
2. Working with Project Templates
3. Creating Users, Groups, Roles, and Understanding Permissions
4. Managing Backlog, Sprints, and Boards
5. Understanding Issue types and Issue type Schemes
6. Customizing Fields, Field Configuration schemes, Screens, and Screen schemes
7. Configuring Workflows in Jira in Agile Projects
8. Filters, Dashboards, and Agile Reporting
9. Jira Automation Rules
10. Managing Team- Managed Projects
11. Jira Best Practices and Must-know Features in Advanced Roadmaps
12. Atlassian Marketplace and Plugins


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The author, Subramanyam Gunda, brings over 15 years of professional experience in the IT and service industry to the table, with a rich background as an Agile Consultant (Agile Product Owner, Lead Scrum Master, Agile coach).

He takes immense pride in his writings and publications, having authored two impactful books. His journey began with the Dell-EMC organization publishing his three Data Domain technical KB articles, a game-changing moment that bolstered his confidence in both his subject matter expertise and writing skills. His first book, "ABCs of Agile Scrum Framework: Secrets to Successful Project Management," served as a valuable reference for countless project managers and Agile enthusiasts. Following its success, his second book, titled "Business Analysis Life Cycle & the IT Business Analyst's Role in Traditional, Digital, and Agile Worlds," garnered critical acclaim, awards, and recognition. Currently, he is crafting his third book on Agile concepts (revision of his first book) and his fourth book on Tarot readings. 

In addition to his literary achievements, Subramanyam has secured gold, silver, and bronze medals for India in the "Atlympics - 2021 competition," a prestigious event hosted by the Atlassian Organization. Beyond his professional pursuits, he passionately volunteers his time and serves in various capacities, including as an 'Atlassian Community Leader for the Visakhapatnam chapter,' an 'Atlassian Creator,' and a member of the 'Atlassian Community Advisory Board.'

Outside of his career and volunteer work, Subramanyam enjoys participating in online Sudoku and Rubik's Cube competitions, where he has earned numerous accolades as well as writing blogs on his website.

He generously dedicates time to reviewing fellow author's books, offering constructive feedback and valuable suggestions. Among the prominent titles he has reviewed are "Supercharging Productivity with Trello," "The Art of Crafting User Stories," and "Unleashing the Power of UX Analytics," all published by Packt.

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