Security Challenges with Blockchain
Chintan Dave

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ISBN: 9788196862084
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Author Name: Chintan Dave
Publishing Date: 15-April-2024
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Page Count: 242

Securing the Chain: Navigating the Future of Blockchain with Confidence

Key Features
● Discover the forefront of blockchain security protocols and risks.
● Reveal effective strategies to fortify blockchain system defense.
● Embark on practical solutions for real-world blockchain challenges.

Book Description
In “Security Challenges with Blockchain”, readers embark on a critical journey through the evolving landscape of blockchain security. This essential guide illuminates the intricate security challenges posed by blockchain technology’s decentralized nature, providing a comprehensive overview of the potential vulnerabilities, privacy concerns, and trust issues that professionals across industries may encounter.

Through concise, expertly curated content, the book equips developers, IT professionals, and blockchain enthusiasts with the knowledge and strategies necessary to build and maintain secure blockchain applications. It demystifies complex security concepts, offering actionable insights and best practices for safeguarding digital assets against emerging threats and ensuring the integrity of blockchain systems.

The book extends its purview to critical domains where blockchain intersects with cybersecurity such as Supply Chain Management and Identity Management. Drawing from real-world case studies and expert insights, this book empowers organizations to fortify their defenses and embrace the promise of blockchain technology with confidence.

What you will learn
● Identify and mitigate blockchain security risks with precision.
● Master blockchain's core security mechanisms and protocols.
● Engineer secure blockchain applications using industry-leading coding standards.
● Navigate legal and regulatory landscapes in blockchain security.
● Fortify blockchain systems with comprehensive cybersecurity measures.
● Evaluate and bolster the security stance of current blockchain solutions.

Who is this book for?
This book is tailored for blockchain developers, cybersecurity analysts, IT security professionals, technology enthusiasts, blockchain solution architects, IT managers, compliance officers, risk management professionals, students, researchers, and business leaders looking for insights and strategies for effectively managing cybersecurity incidents in blockchain environments.

1. Introduction to Blockchain Technology
2. Understanding Blockchain Security
3. Security Challenges in Public Blockchains
4. Security Challenges in Private Blockchains
5. Security Challenges in Consortia Blockchains
6. Security Challenges in Decentralized Finance
7. Security Challenges in Supply Chain Management
8. Security Challenges in Identity Management
9. Best Practices for Blockchain Security

Chintan Dave stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation, a testament to his deep-seated passion for technology and education. As the esteemed Head of India at AI Certs and Director of Blockchain at NetCom Learning, he orchestrates the integration of blockchain technology into various sectors, wielding a rich tapestry of knowledge gleaned from authoring 18 technical books. His journey is underpinned by a Master of Science in Software Systems from the prestigious Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, illustrating a lifelong commitment to technological and educational advancement.

An acclaimed Certified Blockchain Expert and Solution Architect, Chintan’s professional ethos is characterized by a profound belief in the power of blockchain to transform industries. With over 50 workshops to his name, he has demystified blockchain for countless professionals, outlining its potential beyond the realm of digital currencies. His consultancy work, which spans more than 50 projects, reflects a pragmatic approach to harnessing blockchain for real-world applications. Chintan’s expertise covers a broad spectrum of blockchain frameworks, such as Hyperledger and Ethereum, showcasing his versatility and depth of knowledge in the field.

At AI Certs, Chintan leads with a visionary goal: to certify a billion professionals in AI and Blockchain. This ambitious project underscores his dedication to raising the bar for technology certifications worldwide. In his role at NetCom Learning, he champions the cause of lifelong learning, driving the digital transformation agenda through the development of cutting-edge blockchain solutions. 

Beyond his professional achievements, Chintan is a prolific author, speaker, and trainer. His publications, which range from Java Programming to Database Programming with VB.Net, serve as critical resources for both novices and seasoned professionals navigating the complex landscape of computer programming and blockchain. His thought leadership extends to major conferences and workshops, where he shares insights on blockchain’s security challenges and opportunities.




Abhinav Sharma is a Security Researcher with over I year of learning experience in blockchain security. He has expertise in building and analyzing comprehensive smart contracts. Currently, he is involved with QuillAudits as a Web3 Security Researcher, uncovering different smart contract attack vectors and analyzing on-chain data. Additionally, he has disclosed various bugs in both public and private blockchain protocols. 

Preetam is the CEO and Co-founder of QuillAudits, a leading Web3 security firm committed to securing Blockchain projects. To date, QuillAudits has secured over 850 Web3 protocols with its cutting-edge Web3 security solutions.

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