Secure Edge Computing for IoT
Oluyemi James Odeyinka

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Author Name: Oluyemi James Odeyinka
Publishing Date: 05-July-2024
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Securing the Future of IoT with Advanced Edge Computing Solutions

Key Features
● Tailored security protocols for edge computing, ensuring comprehensive protection against cyber threats.
● Master strategies for deploying, monitoring, and securing edge devices to maintain a resilient IoT ecosystem.
● Gain valuable insights from real-world examples, guiding you through the implementation of secure edge computing solutions across diverse industries.

Book Description
Embark on a journey into the cutting-edge world of secure edge computing. In this meticulously crafted handbook, delve deep into the intricacies of this transformative technology that is reshaping the landscape of computing.

From its fundamental principles to advanced applications, this book leaves no stone unturned in demystifying the complexities of secure edge computing. Explore the architecture that underpins this paradigm shift, unraveling how it seamlessly integrates cloud resources with local devices to enhance efficiency and reliability.

Dive into the nuances of security in edge computing, understanding the unique challenges posed by distributed networks and diverse endpoints. Learn essential strategies for safeguarding data integrity, confidentiality, and availability in this dynamic environment, ensuring robust protection against emerging threats.

Discover real-world case studies and best practices from industry experts, gaining invaluable insights into deploying and managing secure edge computing solutions across various domains. With clear explanations, practical examples, and actionable advice, Secure Edge Computing For IoT empowers you to harness the full potential of this transformative technology while fortifying your digital infrastructure against evolving security risks. Prepare to embark on a journey of innovation and resilience at the edge of tomorrow’s computing landscape.

What you will learn
● Understand routing protocols and communication strategies tailored for edge environments.
● Implement measures to fortify edge infrastructure against cyber threats and safeguard sensitive data.
● Leverage real-time insights for informed decision-making and innovation.
● Integrate ML algorithms to enhance edge capabilities and optimize operations.
● Ensure reliability, scalability, and compliance with industry standards.
● Gain practical insights into the development process, from design to deployment.
● Protect edge infrastructure with encryption, authentication, and intrusion detection.
● Adhere to regulations and best practices in edge computing to ensure regulatory compliance and data privacy.

Who is this book for?
This book is tailored for a diverse audience of IT professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of secure edge computing. It is particularly beneficial for DevOps engineers, system administrators, cloud architects, IoT developers, data analysts, and cybersecurity specialists.

1. Introduction to IoT and Edge Computing
2. Edge Computing Fundamentals and Use Cases
3. Edge Networking and Routing Protocols
4. IoT and Edge Computing Security
5. Data Analytics and Machine Learning at Edge
6. Secure Edge Design and Development
7. Secure Edge Penetration Testing and Incident Management
8. Edge Computing Cybersecurity and Cryptography
9. Cloud Computing in the Context of Edge Computing
10. Secure Edge Development and Implementation

Oluyemi James Odeyinka has over a decade of experience serving as a cloud and data solution architect and cybersecurity leader. Throughout his career, he has played pivotal roles in numerous cloud projects, demonstrating both leadership and hands-on engineering expertise. His project delivery encompasses the deployment of resources for major companies, employing Infrastructure as Code methodologies. Notably, he has achieved success with high-profile projects in the United States.

Currently holding the positions of Senior Solution Architect and Senior Manager at Walgreens Boot Alliance (WBA), and serving as the Founder and President of CloudALL Technologies, Oluyemi is a multifaceted professional. His academic background includes the attainment of a postgraduate MBA degree in Data Analysis, coupled with in-depth knowledge of Agile Methodologies. He is currently a PhD candidate at Purdue University in the USA.

As an accomplished information technology leader, Oluyemi has amassed significant experience in Cybersecurity, Hybrid Cloud, Product Management, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Governance, IoT, and Data Protection and Data Management. He has actively contributed to the field by authoring and leading numerous cloud and cybersecurity training sessions on a global scale.

A sought-after speaker, Oluyemi has addressed audiences at various conferences, such as IoT World in 2020 and 2021, Edge Computing 2021, Embedded Devices 2022, and the latest Infosec World 2022. He currently serves on the Board of Advisors at Sensor Converge. His expertise is further solidified by his CISSP certification and proud membership in ISC2, a leading IT Security organization. In recognition of his substantial contributions to technical communities worldwide, he was honored with the Outstanding Leadership Award at the 2022 Internet 2.0 Conference.

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