Modern Web Applications with Next.JS
Shubham Jain, Mathew Dony Chittezhath

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ISBN: 9789388590976
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Author Name: Shubham Jain, Mathew Dony Chittezhath
Publishing Date: 24-Nov-2023
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Page Count: 374

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"Elevate Your Web Development with Next.js Mastery!"


Comprehensive Next.js coverage.
Hands-on examples and practical exercises.
Advanced techniques for web app development.


This practical handbook takes you on a journey from foundational principles to advanced techniques, offering a complete exploration of Next.js, the cutting-edge framework for building performant and dynamic web applications. 

Beginning with an introductory overview of web applications utilizing Next.js and JavaScript, the book reintroduces React to ensure a strong footing in the core concepts. It then delves into the fundamentals of Next.js, providing insights into the latest version's core advancements and optimizations. 

It will help you explore the intricacies of Next.js applications, including an in-depth look at optimizing performance. It will then move on to demystify routing in Next.js, mastering state management, and implementing RESTful and GraphQL APIs. By the end of it, you will understand the usage of diverse databases and discover the significance of client-side and server-side rendering in Next.js applications. 

This book also covers crucial aspects of securing applications using NextAuth. It will help you learn to develop a complete CRUD application, gaining hands-on experience and insight into deployment architectures that can turn your projects into scalable and production-ready applications. 


Gain a comprehensive understanding of web applications utilizing the latest version of Next.js and JavaScript, and refresh yourself with React's core concepts.
Learn how to optimize Next.js applications, by improving their speed and efficiency for better user experiences.
Understand the intricate mechanism of routing in Next.js to create dynamic web applications.
Implement advanced State Management techniques within your Next.js applications for efficient data handling.
Learn the implementation of both RESTful and GraphQL APIs by their integration into Next.js applications.
Explore the usage of various databases and understand how to employ them effectively within Next.js applications.
Learn the practical usage of client-side and server-side rendering in Next.js applications.
Develop a complete CRUD application with Next.js through practical application of the learning provided throughout the book to build real-world projects.
Understand the architecture and best practices for deploying Next.js applications, ensuring a seamless transition from development to production.


This book caters to the needs of developers operating at an intermediate to advanced level in web development and software engineering. Proficiency in JavaScript and a solid grasp of React fundamentals are recommended prerequisites for an optimal learning experience. Those with prior exposure to web development concepts and tools will find this book a valuable resource, augmenting their understanding and practical application of the content within.

Shubham Jain, an experienced full-stack software engineer, specializes in end-to-end web development and deployment. He holds a Master's degree in Information Technology, demonstrating his dedication to learning and expertise. With a profound passion for technology and a dedication to creating user-centric software, he remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving tech landscape, consistently delivering delightful experiences for users.


Mathew Dony A full-stack software engineer with 5+ years of experience, Mathew Dony is an expert in React, Next.js, Typescript and Node.js. Having completed a Masters in Information Technology from Swinburne University, Australia, he has a strong passion for technology and likes to keep himself updated with the latest developments in the tech world and enjoys developing software that can offer a joyful experience to all humans using them.




Gaurav Patel is working as a Senior Software Engineer (8+ years) and involved in developing and maintaining projects in various sizes in order to enhance capabilities and efficiency besides utilizing my skills in a technical industry having scope to learn and grow. Worked with Web Services and implemented it in projects and UI implemented. Extensively used JavaScript framework JQuery to build Ajax-driven web applications. Good communication and quick learning skills are his strengths.

Specialties: Javascript, Angular JS/2/4/5/6, React JS, Redux, MySQL, Apache, Jquery, Web Services, HTML5, CSS3, Node JS, Express JS, Java Core, Docker, Kubernetes, GitLab, Spring Boot, Java, .NET, SQL, Database, Design, Agile, API, Testing, AWS, CI/CD, NoSQL, Python.


Supreet Sethi is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in JavaScript and React. As a dedicated tech lead, Supreet brings a sharp focus to web development, creating advanced SaaS applications using Agile Scrum methodology. His technical skills encompass React.js, React Native, Redux, and Next.js, showcasing not only his execution abilities but also a seasoned perspective in the field. Beyond tech, Supreet's leadership stands out in successfully guiding teams and projects. His excellent people skills, critical thinking, and goal-oriented approach create an environment where innovation thrives. Additionally, Supreet excels as a JavaScript teacher, simplifying complex concepts and providing practical insights from real-world scenarios. Whether leading a team, designing complex structures, or teaching the next generation of developers, Supreet Sethi embodies a well-rounded approach to excellence in technical skills, leadership, and education.

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