Modern API Design with gRPC
Hitesh Pattanayak

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Author Name: Hitesh Pattanayak
Publishing Date: 29-Mar-2024
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Elevate Your Development with Effortless and Efficient API Communication.

Key Features
● Delve into core concepts of gRPC like Protocol Buffers, service definitions, and communication patterns.
● Implement gRPC servers and clients in Golang, and master Protocol Buffers for defining services and messages.
● Compare gRPC with REST and SOAP, uncovering its distinct advantages and use cases.

Book Description
Modern API Design with gRPC” is a definitive guide that empowers developers to leverage the full potential of gRPC in constructing efficient and scalable distributed systems.

Beginning with an exploration of API evolution and its significance in software development, the book seamlessly transitions into the core concepts of gRPC architecture, protocol buffers, and stubs. Through practical examples and clear instructions, readers embark on a journey to establish their first gRPC server and client, laying a solid groundwork for further exploration.

Delving deeper into advanced topics such as communication patterns, error handling, and load balancing strategies specific to gRPC. With a strong emphasis on security, readers learn to implement TLS encryption, mutual authentication, and authorization mechanisms to fortify their applications. The book provides invaluable insights into best practices for constructing production-grade gRPC applications, complemented by real-world case studies that illustrate the versatility and scalability of gRPC across diverse project landscapes. This book equips readers with the confidence to design, implement, and deploy robust gRPC applications, catalyzing a transformative shift in their distributed system development approach.

What you will learn
● Master core concepts and architecture of gRPC.
● Implementation of diverse communication patterns for streamlined data exchange.
● Application of TLS encryption and authentication for securing gRPC applications.
● Optimization of performance and scalability of gRPC services.
● Designing production-grade applications with robust error handling and monitoring.
● Utilizing gRPC in real-world projects to create scalable distributed systems.

Who is This Book For?
This book caters to intermediate to advanced software developers and programmers aiming to enhance their expertise in modern API development using gRPC. Prior familiarity with fundamental software development concepts and proficiency in at least one programming language such as C++, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, C# are recommended to fully comprehend the concepts presented in this guide.
1. API Evolution over Time
2. Fundamentals of gRPC
3. Getting Started with gRPC
4. Communication patterns in gRPC
5. Advanced gRPC Concepts
6. Load balancing in gRPC
7. Secured gRPC
8. Production Grade gRPC Applications
9. Case Studies of Projects Using gRPC

Hitesh Pattanayak is a Backend Developer with a passion for being involved in building robust and scalable software solutions. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Technology from the Gandhi Institute for Technological Advancement, Bhubaneswar, India, Hitesh has honed his skills over the course of an 8-year career. 

Specializing in backend development, Hitesh is proficient in a variety of tools and technologies. His expertise spans across languages like Golang, container orchestration systems such as Kubernetes, and communication protocols like gRPC. Notably, he is a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer, demonstrating his commitment to staying at the forefront of cloud-native technologies.

Throughout his career, Hitesh has been part of services and product-based companies. He has worked with organizations like Infracloud Technologies, Sureify, and Thoughtworks, where he has been part of innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Hitesh is an active member of the tech community. He is recognized as an AWS Community Builder and has shared his knowledge and experiences through technical talks at some conferences. His dedication to continuous learning and sharing insights with others underscores his commitment to the advancement of the technology industry.

In his leisure time, Hitesh enjoys indulging in hobbies such as bike-riding and cooking, finding balance between his professional pursuits and personal interests.

Connect with Hitesh on LinkedIn at hitesh-pattanayak.




Reza Ehsani is a software development professional with a career spanning since 2013, known for his expertise in various programming languages, including PHP C++ Golang, and Python. His specialization in gRPC and microservices has been a focal point, particularly after his transition to Golang in 2019. Reza's skill set is comprehensive, covering both microservices and monolithic systems design, with a significant focus on gRPC protocols.

As a Senior Back End Developer at Champion Sports since September 2022, Reza has played a crucial role in refining the existing gRPC and microservices architecture, contributing significantly to the iGaming solutions. His earlier experience includes a pivotal role in a major project for Mashhad's public transportation system. In this project, Reza was instrumental in shaping the system's architecture and leading the development efforts, ensuring its scalability and future enhancements. This achievement reflects his ability to manage complex software projects successfully.

Holding a Master's degree in E-Commerce/Electronic Commerce and Bachelor's degrees in Information Technology and Computer Software Engineering, Reza's academic background complements his rich professional experience. His career is characterized by a commitment to innovation and excellence in software development, with a particular focus on gRPC and microservices.

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