Interactive Web Development with Three.js and A-Frame
Alessandro Straccia

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Author Name: Alessandro Straccia
Publishing Date: 23-April-2024
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Build rich Creative Technology projects using 3D, AR, and VR

Key Features
● Master creative development principles, covering design, coding, and user experience.
● Develop advanced skills in Three.js and A-Frame for immersive 3D graphics.
● Build engaging AR and VR experiences for the web, integrating cutting-edge tech for enhanced user immersion.

Book Description
Embark on an amazing journey into the world of Creative Development with this comprehensive guide. From the basics of Three.js and A-Frame, each chapter adds more knowledge and techniques to empower creative developers to navigate the world of Creative Development. Readers will learn to build games and commercial applications using advanced technologies such as AR and VR. The book explores the key aspects of Creative Development for the web, delving into in-depth themes such as dealing with 3D files, setting up materials and textures, interacting with 3D objects, and understanding the concepts of animation loop and real-time rendering.

Next, it moves on to navigate the main aspects of webAR and webVR, introducing readers to the fantastic 3D framework A-Frame. Readers will dive deep into the A-Frame workflow, learning tips and tricks to build and manage components, ultimately enabling them to deliver professional quality AR and VR experiences. In the final chapter, readers will be presented with Creative Development best practices and several real-world project templates, ready to be used and adapted for their own projects.

What you will learn
● Attain a comprehensive understanding of creative development for web environments and its applications.
● Utilize Three.js and A-Frame frameworks to create stunning 3D graphics and immersive virtual experiences.
● Learn to build engaging games and practical commercial applications blending creativity with functionality.
● Gain practical insights into creative development through real-world code examples and customizable templates.
● Explore the intricacies of web-based augmented reality (WebAR) and virtual reality (WebVR) technologies to develop immersive web experiences.
● Seamlessly integrate 3D graphics, video elements, and animations using code, enabling you to construct dynamic and interactive web applications.

Who is this book for?
This book is ideal for web developers, 3D, video, and animation enthusiasts with development skills aiming to create dynamic web experiences. Also suitable for seasoned developers transitioning to Creative Development, covering Three.js, A-Frame basics, and AR/VR concepts. Whether beginner or experienced, this handbook offers practical, in-depth guidance to elevate proficiency in web-based Creative Development.
1. Getting Started with Three.js
2. Our First Scene
3. Interacting with Our Scene
4. Adding Some Realism
5. Post Processing
6. Introduction to WebAR and WebVR
7. Creating Your First WebAR Experience
8. Creating Your First WebVR Experience
9. Useful Boilerplates to Start Your Projects

Alessandro Straccia holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing from the Methodist University of São Paulo and a Technical Degree in Computer Science from ETE Lauro Gomes of São Bernardo, Brazil. He began developing an interest in Creative Development at a very young age, using his dad’s Apple II to create 2D graphics using the Logo language and adding some interactivity using BASIC language. Some years later, Alessandro took his first steps in 3D using 3D Studio and POV-Ray and began working with more professional languages such as C and Pascal.

His professional experience started in 1998, where he gathered all his knowledge to build multimedia applications with Macromedia Director and rich content websites with Adobe Flash for Brazilian advertising agencies. At these agencies, Alessandro earned several important awards, such as the Merit at One Show Interactive, two shortlists at the Cannes Advertising Festival, and two WSA Mobile prizes. In 2011, he started his own studio to help clients and advertising agencies in building Creative Tech and digital projects.

In 2020, Alessandro moved to the UK to work for a game studio, using his creative skills to lead the Marketing Art team. However, his passion for the Creative Tech area spoke louder, and he decided to focus on AR and VR areas, building projects for studios such as Unit9, Eyekandy, Globant, Treatment Studio, Nexus, and Blippar, among others. He also started to work as a consultant for companies and studios interested in utilizing Creative Tech in their projects. More recently, he has started to explore Unreal Engine Fortnite to build playable content for educational and entertainment purposes.

He is currently working as a Creative Technologist for many creative studios in the US, UK, Europe, and Brazil, building interactive applications using web 3D and web AR/VR experiences for big brands. He also gives lectures about Creative Technology and immersive technologies for universities, startups, and private companies.

When not working on Creative Tech projects, Alessandro enjoys traveling, cooking, and playing video games with his kids.




Anderson Mancini is a visionary creative developer from Brazil, specializing in three.js and WebGL development. He has delivered over 100 projects that showcase his expertise. As a three.js specialist, he is renowned for creating free components and helpers for the community, accessible on his GitHub page.

In addition to his prolific project portfolio, Anderson is a dedicated teacher, offering courses on three.js that share his deep knowledge with aspiring developers. His global reach extends beyond the Brazilian market, reflecting his commitment to shaping the future of creative development on a global scale.

Currently focused on empowering organizations with his creative prowess, he is known for infusing strategic and visually compelling solutions into the digital landscape. As an advisor to emerging creative startups, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future. His passion extends to various publications where he shares insights, emphasizing the importance of robust design principles and user-centric experiences.

He not only excels in tackling design challenges but also plays a pivotal role in shaping the forefront of cutting-edge and sustainable creative platforms. Whether through his project contributions, educational initiatives, or global collaborations, Anderson emerges as a key influencer in the dynamic realm of creative development.

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