Building Scalable Web Apps with Node.js and Express
Yamini Panchal Ravi Kumar Gupta

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Author Name:  Yamini Panchal, Ravi Kumar Gupta
Publishing Date: 24-June-2024
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Easy API Design Using Express.js and Node.js (TypeScript)

Key Features
● Utilize TypeScript to build maintainable and scalable Node.js applications with type safety and modern JavaScript features.
● Implement Redis to enhance your API's performance through efficient caching strategies, reducing latency and server load.
● Master the techniques for writing and running thorough API tests using Mocha and Chai, ensuring your applications are reliable and bug-free.

Book Description

Embark on a journey to become an expert in backend web development with this essential guide using Node.js v20, Express.js, Redis and TypeScript.

The book covers foundational to advanced topics through one comprehensive example: a project management system. It ensures learning and application of skills in API caching with Redis, API testing using Mocha and Chai, and deployment on AWS. This approach simplifies complex concepts and provides a practical learning trajectory.

With expert tips and best practices, you'll create user-friendly features like sign-ups and project trackers. Plus, you'll learn how to make your apps faster with caching and add cool features like notifications. Finally, you'll ace testing and deploying your apps like an expert.

What you will learn

● Master the latest features of Node.js v20 and the powerful Express.js framework to build robust and scalable APIs.
● Gain expertise in using TypeScript to write clean, maintainable, and type-safe code for Node.js backend applications.
● Integrate Redis for efficient API caching and use message queues to enhance the performance and reliability of your applications.
● Develop RESTful APIs using design principles and architecture to create well-structured and efficient APIs that adhere to industry standards.

Who is this book for?
This book is tailored for web developers, backend engineers, and software architects looking to deepen their expertise in Node.js and Express.js for building scalable web apps. It assumes a foundational understanding of JavaScript and Node.js, with prior experience in asynchronous programming and proficiency in using Express.js frameworks.

1. Introduction to Node.js
2. Introduction to TypeScript
3. Overview of Express.js
4. Planning the App
5. REST API for User Module
6. REST API for Project and Task Modules
7. API Caching
8. Notification Module
9. Testing API
10. Building and Deploying Application
11. The Journey Ahead

Yamini Panchal holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Gujarat Technological University and has over 8 years of experience in the IT industry. She has worked on diverse domain-based web development applications, including IoT, Telecommunication, Healthcare, and Cloud Services.

Currently a Technical Lead at Azilen Technologies, she specializes in open-source development with a focus on Node.js, constructing server-side applications and APIs. She has expertise in both SQL and NoSQL databases.

Yamini has contributed to robotics-based applications using Node.js, TypeScript, React.js, and AWS services, as well as developed a WebRTC-based application for audio-video conferencing. She excels in building scalable backend services with Node.js and leveraging AWS services in microservice architectures. She enjoys embracing new technologies, reading, writing, and fostering innovation.

Ravi Kumar Gupta is an accomplished author and open-source software evangelist with a strong technology background. He holds an MS in Software Systems from BITS Pilani and a B.Tech from LNMIIT, Jaipur.   

Currently, he works as a Solution Architect at Orbiwise and contributes to the NoiseApp Team. Ravi excels in coding with Python, TypeScript, Node.js, and Java, enhancing OrbiWAN's performance and efficiency.

Previously, he served as a Solution Architect at Azilen and a lead consultant at CIGNEX Datamatics. At TCS, he was a core member of the open-source group, working on Liferay and other UI technologies. Throughout his career, he has built enterprise solutions using the latest technologies and open-source tools.

Ravi enjoys writing, learning, and discussing new technologies. His interest in search engines began with a college project on a crawler. He has co-authored books on Test- Driven JavaScript Development and Mastering Elastic Stack and writes for his blog at TechD of Computer World ( He has also been a Liferay trainer at TCS and CIGNEX and reviewed Learning Bootstrap for Packt Publishing.

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