1. AI Inventions
b) Embodied Moxie
c) Meeting Ow
d) Kuri Mobil

2. Human vs. Machine Intelligence
a) What is Intelligence?
b) Human Intelligence
c) Artificial Intelligence
d) Are Computers Smarter?
e) Similarities between Humans and Machines
f) Differences between Human and Artificial Intelligence
3. How AI Works in Different Applications
a) Optical Character Recognition
b) Speech Recognition
c) Face Recognition
    Test Sheet 1
4. Latest Robots
a) Definition of Robots
b) Types of Robots according to their Applications
c) Latest Robots
5. Fields Where Robots Are Used
a) Security and Surveillance
b) Manufacturing
c) Military
d) Customer Service
e) Cooking
f) Healthcare
g) Space Exploration
h) Entertainment
i) Agriculture
j) Underwater Research
    Test Sheet 2
AI Ready