Develop production-ready, high-performance, and scalable microservices with Go

Key Features
● Learn to design and implement resilient RESTful APIs using Go, with a focus on scalability and maintainability.
● Discover how Kubernetes empowers reliable microservice architecture, covering deployment, scaling, service discovery, and load balancing.
● Gain practical tools and insights for deploying microservices to production using Go and Kubernetes, ensuring smooth operations and high availability.

Book Description
Embark on a comprehensive journey through microservices architecture with a focus on harnessing the power of Go in modern cloud-based solutions.

This book begins with a succinct introduction to microservices and their synergy with cloud strategies, emphasizing Go's aptitude for developing scalable and efficient services. You'll then delve into the fundamentals of Go, covering essential practices and core concepts, establishing a strong language foundation.

The exploration continues with a detailed examination of constructing a single service, emphasizing design, documentation, and structure. Through various design patterns, you'll learn to implement a server capable of serving as a RESTful API, an internal worker, and more. This hands-on approach equips you with the expertise to craft robust and sustainable services.

Finally, the book guides you through deploying your service to production using Kubernetes. You'll explore scaling techniques, performance optimization, and observability, ensuring your service is ready for the demands of the real world.

What you will learn
● Gain a comprehensive understanding of microservices architecture, including its advantages, limitations, and alternative approaches.
● Master the fundamentals of Go, from basic syntax and concepts to more advanced topics, enabling you to leverage its capabilities effectively.
● Explore the key components of microservices architecture implemented using Go, understanding how they interact and contribute to the overall system.
● Design and implement robust RESTful APIs with Go, incorporating essential features like pagination, rate-limiting, caching, retries, and timeouts for optimal performance.
● Discover Kubernetes and its close relationship with microservices architecture, gaining insights into its role in orchestrating and managing containerized applications.
● Learn to deploy production-ready services with Go, covering essential aspects such as authentication, monitoring, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), fault tolerance design, and rollout procedures, all from the perspective of a developer.

Who is this book for?
This book targets developers and software architects looking to enhance their microservices expertise using Go, offering insights into modern tech demands. It's beneficial for those mastering microservices basics and refining skills in Go, Kubernetes, and RESTful APIs. Whether advancing careers or improving proficiency, it equips readers for success in dynamic software development.