Master the Fundamentals of Data Analytics at Scale

Key Features
● Comprehensive guide to constructing data engineering workflows spanning diverse data sources
● Expert techniques for transforming and visualizing data to extract actionable insights
● Advanced methodologies for analyzing data and employing machine learning to uncover intricate patterns

Book Description
Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of data analytics with AWS with this practical and incisive handbook.

Begin your exploration with an insightful introduction to the fundamentals of data analytics, setting the stage for your AWS adventure. The book then covers collecting data efficiently and effectively on AWS, laying the groundwork for insightful analysis. It will dive deep into processing data, uncovering invaluable techniques to harness the full potential of your datasets.

The book will equip you with advanced data analysis skills, unlocking the ability to discern complex patterns and insights. It covers additional use cases for data analysis on AWS, from predictive modeling to sentiment analysis, expanding your analytical horizons.

The final section of the book will utilize the power of data virtualization and interaction, revolutionizing the way you engage with and derive value from your data. Gain valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies shaping the future of data analytics, and conclude your journey with actionable next steps, empowering you to continue your data analytics odyssey with confidence.

What you will learn
● Construct streamlined data engineering workflows capable of ingesting data from diverse sources and formats.
● Employ data transformation tools to efficiently cleanse and reshape data, priming it for analysis.
● Perform ad-hoc queries for preliminary data exploration, uncovering initial insights.
● Utilize prepared datasets to craft compelling, interactive data visualizations that communicate actionable insights.
● Develop advanced machine learning and Generative AI workflows to delve into intricate aspects of complex datasets, uncovering deeper insights.

Who is this book for?
This book is ideal for aspiring data engineers, analysts, and data scientists seeking to deepen their understanding and practical skills in data engineering, data transformation, visualization, and advanced analytics. It is also beneficial for professionals and students looking to leverage AWS services for their data-related tasks.