Elevate Your Development with Effortless and Efficient API Communication.

Key Features
● Delve into core concepts of gRPC like Protocol Buffers, service definitions, and communication patterns.
● Implement gRPC servers and clients in Golang, and master Protocol Buffers for defining services and messages.
● Compare gRPC with REST and SOAP, uncovering its distinct advantages and use cases.

Book Description
Modern API Design with gRPC” is a definitive guide that empowers developers to leverage the full potential of gRPC in constructing efficient and scalable distributed systems.

Beginning with an exploration of API evolution and its significance in software development, the book seamlessly transitions into the core concepts of gRPC architecture, protocol buffers, and stubs. Through practical examples and clear instructions, readers embark on a journey to establish their first gRPC server and client, laying a solid groundwork for further exploration.

Delving deeper into advanced topics such as communication patterns, error handling, and load balancing strategies specific to gRPC. With a strong emphasis on security, readers learn to implement TLS encryption, mutual authentication, and authorization mechanisms to fortify their applications. The book provides invaluable insights into best practices for constructing production-grade gRPC applications, complemented by real-world case studies that illustrate the versatility and scalability of gRPC across diverse project landscapes. This book equips readers with the confidence to design, implement, and deploy robust gRPC applications, catalyzing a transformative shift in their distributed system development approach.

What you will learn
● Master core concepts and architecture of gRPC.
● Implementation of diverse communication patterns for streamlined data exchange.
● Application of TLS encryption and authentication for securing gRPC applications.
● Optimization of performance and scalability of gRPC services.
● Designing production-grade applications with robust error handling and monitoring.
● Utilizing gRPC in real-world projects to create scalable distributed systems.

Who is This Book For?
This book caters to intermediate to advanced software developers and programmers aiming to enhance their expertise in modern API development using gRPC. Prior familiarity with fundamental software development concepts and proficiency in at least one programming language such as C++, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, C# are recommended to fully comprehend the concepts presented in this guide.