Elevate your test automation skills by mastering Selenium with Java, delving into advanced techniques for a comprehensive understanding.

Key Features
● Step-by-step approach from fundamentals on Selenium testing to advanced concepts like Selenium Grid and framework development.
● Enriched with practical case studies from e-commerce, healthcare, EdTech, banking, and SAAS, to highlight Selenium's real-world web testing.
● Hands-on exercises and detailed code examples to ensure an engaging and accessible learning experience.

Book Description
This comprehensive and practical handbook, centered on Selenium unlocks its potential using Java. The book covers Selenium basics, including IDE and WebDriver, while delving into advanced topics like Selenium Grid and non-functional test automation. It will help you take your automation to the next level by gaining insights into creating Hybrid test automation frameworks with practical applications of TestNG. Real-world insights from industry leaders enrich the learning experience, transcending tool proficiency to strategic test automation and framework design. With practical examples and case studies from diverse sectors, including banking, healthcare, e-commerce, and SAAS, the book showcases Selenium's real-world applications.

By the end of the book you will extend Selenium's capabilities for Performance, Security, and Excel-based automation. The book will help you stay ahead in the ever-evolving field with insights into the latest updates, including Selenium Manager, BiDi protocol, network interception, relative locators, and Selenium's roadmap.

What you will learn
● Master the fundamentals of Selenium, including Locator strategies, Synchronization, and WebDriver, for effective web application testing.
● Explore handling Shadow DOM, JavaScript Executor, Page Objects, Screenplay pattern, and BDD with Cucumber for sophisticated testing techniques.
● Develop Hybrid test automation frameworks using Selenium, gaining practical insights with TestNG integration.
● Learn to scale tests across diverse environments using Selenium Grid, boosting overall testing efficiency.
● Enhance Selenium for Performance, Security, and Excel-based test automation.
● Grasp the latest Selenium updates, including Selenium Manager, BiDi protocol, network interception, relative locators, and Selenium’s roadmap for staying ahead in the field.
● Explore innovative methods to integrate AI and machine learning seamlessly into your Selenium test automation process.

This book is designed for anyone with a basic knowledge of Java and a curiosity about test automation with Selenium. This book is designed to be your companion in exploring the exciting world of Selenium, regardless of your professional background. It's perfect for those starting their journey in automated web testing, as well as for seasoned professionals looking to enrich their skill set.