Unleash the Power of NSX Datacenter for Seamless Virtualization and Unparalleled Security


Gain a profound understanding of the core principles of network virtualization with VMware NSX.
Step-by-step explanations accompanied by screenshots for seamless deployments and configurations.
Explore the intricate architecture of vital concepts, providing a thorough understanding of the underlying mechanisms.
Coverage of the latest networking and security features in VMware NSX 4.1.1, ensuring you're up-to-date with the most advanced capabilities.
Reinforce your understanding of core concepts with convenient reviews of key terms at the end of each chapter, solidifying your knowledge.


"Embark on a transformative journey into the world of network virtualization with 'Ultimate VMware NSX for Professionals.' This comprehensive guide crafted by NSX experts, starts with an exploration of Software Defined Networking, NSX architecture, and essential components in a systematic approach. It then dives into the intricacies of deploying and configuring VMware NSX, unraveling key networking features through detailed packet walks. The book then ventures into advanced security realms—from Micro-segmentation to IDS/IPS, NTA, Malware Prevention, NDR, and the NSX Application Platform. Traverse through Datacenter Services, mastering NAT, VPN, and Load Balancing, with insights into the fundamentals of NSX Advanced Load Balancer. The exploration extends into NSX Multisite and NSX Federation, offering a detailed examination of onboarding, configuration, and expert tips for monitoring and managing NSX environments. To enrich your practical knowledge, immerse yourself in hands-on experiences with NSX Labs or VMware's complimentary Hands-on Labs, link provided in the book. 


Master the foundational concepts of VMware NSX Datacenter. 
Explore logical switching, logical routing, VRF, EVPN, and bridging. 
Enhance network security with Micro-segmentation and advanced threat prevention mechanisms. 
Understand and configure NSX Datacenter services such as NAT, VPN, DHCP, and DNS. 
Implement NSX Advanced Load Balancer for efficient load balancing solutions. 
Dive into NSX Multisite and Federation for managing deployments across multiple locations. 
Acquire monitoring and management skills, covering authentication, authorization, backups, and more. 
VMware's free Hands-on Labs for practical experience.


Designed for server administrators, storage administrators, network administrators, and architects, this book caters to professionals witnessing the rise of "software-defined" technologies. Focusing on Software Defined Networking (SDN), it guides you toward achieving a fully Software Defined Datacenter. The book assumes a foundational understanding of virtualization and networking concepts. If you're part of the evolving landscape toward software-defined infrastructures, this book is your essential companion.