Empowering You to Master Business Intelligence and Solve Real-world Analytical problems.


Key Features
● Fulfill your business analytics objectives through comprehensive theory and hands-on, real-world examples.
● Dive into the world of advanced Business Intelligence using data science with Power BI.
● Acquire in-demand skills that align with the current job market and enhance your career prospects.

Book Description
In today's analytics landscape, proficiency in Excel and Power BI is practically a prerequisite for a successful career. This book provides a concise yet comprehensive exploration of these foundational elements of modern Business Intelligence (BI).

Comprising ten chapters, this book covers the entire development journey of a Power BI analytical solution, spanning from data modeling and preparation to report creation, publication, and dashboard and app deployment. It offers insights into security measures and performance optimization, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the BI ecosystem. Furthermore, it delves into advanced topics, such as leveraging data science algorithms within reports, offering readers an extensive learning experience.

The book takes a holistic approach to these technologies, offering a contrast to the narrow perspectives often adopted by contemporary BI professionals who rely solely on a single tool or language. The book allows data enrichment through calculations that can be achieved using various languages, including SQL queries at the source, Power Query Formula Language, M, Python, R, and DAX.

What you will learn
● Learn the art of crafting comprehensive reports and analyses using Excel and Power BI.
● Discover efficient methods for sharing your insights and reports with your team or clients.
● Gain the skills to maintain and update your analytical solutions effectively.
● Understand the significance of extracting valuable information from data in today's business landscape.
● Address the increasing demand for skilled analysts, filling a critical gap in the industry.

Who is this book for?
This book caters to aspiring Business Intelligence developers, analysts seeking to enhance their skills, and beginners looking to efficiently use tools like Excel. It also appeals to data enthusiasts and serves as a practical resource for students and educators in data-related fields.