Leverage microservices and Spring Boot 3 to build production-grade apps on the cloud.


  • Step-by-step guide to transform your apps from monolithic to microservices architecture.
  • Master microservice architecture, migration, and design patterns.
  • Grasp the intricate workings of powerful tools like Feign Client, Resilience4J and the Cloud Config Service.
  • Harness token-based protection mechanisms, ensuring your system's confidentiality and integrity.
  • Monitor and analyze microservices with Micrometer and Zipkin.


Microservices has emerged as a powerful solution to build flexible, scalable, and resilient applications. This Book is the go-to-guide to understanding, designing, and implementing microservice architectures using Spring Boot. It takes you on a journey through the intricacies of microservices to create robust and efficient microservice-based applications.

This book helps you to understand the motivations and the entire process behind migrating from monolithic to microservice architectures. It covers essentials like REST basics, advanced topics such as centralized configuration, inter-service communication, Eureka Server, resilience mechanisms, security, and Docker deployment.

Readers will be equipped to effortlessly find and access instances within a microservice architecture without disrupting clients. You will delve into distributed tracing and its importance in monitoring the interactions among microservices. Finally, we will discuss strategies for ensuring the reliability of your microservices architecture.

Whether you're new to microservices or seeking to enhance your existing expertise, this book is your comprehensive guide to navigating the intricacies of modern application development. Embark on your microservices journey today and unlock the potential of Spring Boot in crafting efficient, scalable, and resilient software solutions.


  • Grasp microservice architecture's advantages, migration, and design patterns.
  • Develop RESTful services, handle diverse data, and manage exceptions.
  • Achieve service transparency with Eureka Server and location discovery.
  • Implement effective communication using RestTemplate and Feign Client.
  • Implement inter-service communication, secure microservices, and leverage container-based deployment with Docker.


This book is designed for software developers, architects, technical leads, emerging tech professionals and students who wish to acquire the skills to design, build, and deploy robust microservices architectures. This book is also helpful for traditional developers who intend to migrate, integrate, or upgrade from monolithic development to a microservice-based architecture. With practical insights and real-world examples, this book is a valuable resource for those seeking to navigate the world of microservices using Spring technologies.