Revolutionizing BFSI with Data Analytics


  • Real-world examples and exercises will ground you in the practical application of analytics techniques specific to BFSI.
  • Master Python for essential coding, SQL for data manipulation, and industry-leading tools like IBM SPSS and Power BI for sophisticated analyses.
  • Understand how data-driven strategies generate profits, mitigate risks, and redefine customer support dynamics within the BFSI sphere.


Are you looking to unlock the transformative potential of data analytics in the dynamic world of Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)? This book is your essential guide to mastering the intricate interplay of data science and analytics that underpins the BFSI landscape.

Designed for intermediate-level practitioners, as well as those aspiring to join the ranks of BFSI analytics professionals, this book is your compass in the data-driven realm of banking. Address the unique challenges and opportunities of the BFSI sector using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models for a data driven analysis.

This book is a step by step guide to utilize tools like IBM SPSS and Microsoft Power BI. Hands-on examples that utilize Python and SQL programming languages make this an essential guide.

The book features numerous case studies that illuminate various use cases of Analytics in BFSI. Each chapter is enriched with practical insights and concludes with a valuable multiple-choice questionnaire, reinforcing understanding and engagement. This book will uncover how these solutions not only pave the way for increased profitability but also navigate risks with precision and elevate customer support to unparalleled heights.


  • Delve into the world of Data Science, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with a focus on their application within BFSI.
  • Explore hands-on examples and step-by-step tutorials that provide practical solutions to real-world challenges faced by banking institutions.
  • Develop skills in essential programming languages such as Python (fundamentals) and SQL (intermediate), crucial for effective data manipulation and analysis.
  • Gain insights into how businesses adapt data-driven strategies to make informed decisions, leading to improved operational efficiency.
  • Stay updated on emerging trends, technologies, and innovations shaping the future of data analytics in the BFSI industry.


This  book is tailored for professionals already engaged in or seeking roles within Data Analytics in the BFSI industry. Additionally, it serves as a strategic resource for business leaders and upper management, guiding them in shaping data platforms and products within their organizations. 

The book also serves as a starting point for individuals interested in the BFSI sector. Prior experience with coding tools such as Python, SQL, Power BI is beneficial but not required as it covers all dimensions from the basics.