Unleash the Power of Ansible to Automate Workflows, Streamline Operations, and Revolutionize Infrastructure Management


  • Automate tasks with Ansible code for error-free, high-performance results.
  • Master Ansible language essentials, architecture, and ad hoc commands.
  • Explore Ansible’s versatile capabilities to gain expertise in Linux and Windows administration
  • Achieve efficient configuration management, deployment, and orchestration.
  • Unlock advanced Ansible Automation Platform and Morpheus features.


Tired of repetitive and time-consuming IT tasks? Unlock the true potential of automation with "Practical Ansible Automation Handbook." This comprehensive guide, authored by Ansible expert Luca Berton, will help you master the art of automation. 

Starting with the basics, the book introduces Ansible's workflow, architecture, and environment setup. Through step-by-step instructions and real-world examples, you'll gain proficiency in executing core tasks such as provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, automation, and orchestration. The book covers automating administrative tasks in Linux and Windows, advanced topics like Ansible Automation Platform and Morpheus, and leveraging cloud computing with Amazon Web Services and Kubernetes container orchestration.

Practicality and real-world scenarios set this book apart. It addresses common roadblocks, provides best practices, and helps you develop a beginner-friendly playbook that minimizes errors and maximizes performance. With Ansible's commercial viability evident in the market, learning it positions you at the forefront of automation expertise. Whether you're a system administrator, network administrator, developer, or manager, this book empowers you to automate everything with Ansible. Embrace the power of automation, revolutionize your IT operations, and unleash new levels of efficiency and productivity in your organization.


  • Set up and configure Ansible environments to automate various tasks. 
  • Execute automation tasks, manage configurations, and deploy applications. 
  • Leverage Ansible Automation Platform and Morpheus for performance optimization of complex workflows. 
  • Design efficient playbooks to streamline operations and troubleshoot using the best practices.
  • Efficiently automate routine tasks to achieve Enterprise-level scalability 


This book is targeted towards beginners and developers involved in IT operations and who wish to extract the best from Ansible for task automation. It caters to system administrators, network administrators, developers, and managers in IT operations. No prior Ansible knowledge is needed as it covers basics and advances gradually. Familiarity with Linux and system administration is beneficial. By the end, readers will have a solid foundation and be ready to implement automation solutions.