Tejaswini Jog is a professional educator with over a decade of experience. She has helped hundreds of thousands of students all over the world find their way into Java, and that number continues to grow day by day. She has also authored some of the best books in the industry, which work as a reference point for amateurs and professionals alike.  

When she’s not teaching or editing her books, she loves following along with the likes of Bob Ross and Picasso to create her own tour de force masterpiece. Not only is she an excellent acrylic artist, but her cooking skills also corroborate her being a culinary maven, and the plants in her home garden definitely flaunt her horticultural adroitness.


Mandar Jog 
Equipped with more than two decades of experience, over the last few years, Mandar Jog, a professional educator and consultant, has been helping students everywhere enter the ravishing, captivating, and fascinating world of Java.   

He is the author of three books that help amateurs and professionals, alike, to get a different outlook on Java while simultaneously piquing their interest and making them fall in love with Java over and over again. When he's not on his computer, writing or editing a new book, or even teaching, he loves to play chess. Also, being very fond of singing, he always finds time to hone his skills and better himself. He is a hardworking software enthusiast who strives to become the best version of himself.