Alan was elected as an IBM Champion in 2022 and re-elected as an IBM Champion in 2023. He is a systems architect providing a broad range of services, from high-level technical design, through mentoring for code development and installation and configuration of IBM FileNet’s core products.  Responsible for high-level analysis and configuration of existing and new IBM FileNet systems. With over 45 years of active Software Development experience, he is currently the Director of ASB Software Development Limited, an accredited Red Hat Business Partner and an IBM Business Partner. He is also an active member of the British Computer Society and a Chartered Information Technology Professional. (MBCS, CITP)




 Gil Metcalf has had a long and varied career, initially qualifying as an industrial microbiologist working for an oil company on projects relating to microbial mining of heavy metals as well as enhanced oil recovery from spent wells. Following this he worked for many years for a large pharmaceutical company where he fulfilled several roles, including project manager, development team leader, and network administrator. During this time he developed software for clinical trial management, as well as critical tools used in hospitals for the management of cancer patients. During his many years working in the software industry as a solutions architect, he has gained a wealth of experience in many fields and sectors, particularly financial technologies, but also including manufacturing, logistics, and energy markets. 

He has an in-depth knowledge of many software fields, including those that relate to modern business practices. These include documents and content management, case management, business process management and process automation, document lifecycle management, identity management, and online banking technologies. He 1S widely regarded as an expert within the industry. Working with many well-known banks and institutions, he brings a wide knowledge and keen eye for detail to bear, whilst at the same time being able to see and understand the wider picture. This enables him to successfully tackle problems that large financial organizations have struggled with. His perceptive and innovative approach has been applied in many cases and applications to deliver success across the industry.