Drishti Jain holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Cummins College of Engineering, Pune, India. She earned the title of the Best Outgoing Student in Computer Engineering for her graduating batch and is acknowledged on the list of award recipients at her institute. She has worked at top product-based companies and FinTech organizations, along with working towards democratizing opportunities and knowledge through her initiative SkillUp with Drishti and her non-profit organization, the Samyak Drishti Foundation. 

She is an acclaimed international tech speaker and has spoken at over 100 tech conferences worldwide, including technical conferences in the USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, Colombia, Thailand, Brazil, and India. Actively engaged in the Laravel Ecosystem, she has been invited as a speaker at LARACON, sharing the platform with the core Laravel team along with the creator of Laravel as well as the Laravel India Podcast. Her contributions to the PHP ecosystem are many, including speaking at conferences such as PHP UK, Scotland PHP, and PHP[TEK] in the USA, as well as participating in PHPConf.Asia in Singapore.




Shailesh Davara is a software developer with over 15 years of experience across various domains of software development, both at the personal and team levels. His expertise spans a multitude of technologies.

At Improwised Technologies, Shailesh contributed to the development of Laravel Web Application, starting with version 3.x, during which he was actively involved in coding. In addition to his professional experience, Shailesh is a City Lead and Volunteer in the Laravel community. He also runs a small tech group at Rajkot Tech, fostering collaborative learning and knowledge sharing. 

Shailesh expresses gratitude to his colleague, Munir, who played a pivotal role in the review and was instrumental in his journey. He also extends thanks to his partner and friend, Rakshit, for providing valuable assistance in reviewing his work at various points.