Peter Morlion After obtaining a master’s degree in Political Science, decided to become a software developer instead. He received his bachelor’s degree in Software Development in 2008, but had already found a job as a developer in 2007.

Since then, Peter worked with a wide range of programming languages, including VB.NET, C#, JavaScript (front-end and back-end), TypeScript (front-end and back-end), Python, PHP and Java.

As a software development consultant since 2015, Peter has been helping organizations reduce their technical debt and increase the stability of their systems. He has done so in different architectures (monolith, SOA, microservices,and serverless), always focusing on the quality of the system.

In addition to his professional work, Peter organizes a local developer’s

meetup group and is active in the parent-teacher association of his daughter’s school and the local sea scouts group.

He lives in Bruges, Belgium, with his wife, daughter, dog, and two cats.




Phil is a Principal Software Engineer with an MBA (org psych concentration) and over 15 years of software engineering experience. Prior to working in software development, he worked in audio production and electronics repair. Phil is passionate about continuous learning and improvement, believing it to be the best way to achieve lasting progress. He has diverse interests, including playing music, flying small aircraft, brewing beer, and exploring new topics. Phil occasionally writes about software engineering on his Substack blog at

You can find his writing at and watch his videos on his YouTube channel at gu4NwGqzg.