Sulekha Aloorravi is a professional with a diverse background and several key roles. She is currently the Vice President of the Banking industry, where she also specializes as a Data Scientist. In addition to her corporate role, Sulekha is also a mentor with Great Learning. Her contributions to the academic field have been recognized and cited. 

Her expertise extends into the realm of engineering and data science, with a noted deep understanding of various technologies and systems. This technical proficiency is further exemplified through her work as an author. Sulekha has written "Metaprogramming with Python," a guide for programmers on writing reusable code to build smarter applications.

This combination of roles in both the corporate and academic sectors, along with her contributions to the field of programming through her publication, highlights Sulekha’s multifaceted expertise and significant presence in the fields of data science, business management, and technology.

Sulekha is a passionate advocate for the use of data science to solve real-world problems. She has a strong track record of success in identifying and extracting valuable insights from large datasets, which she has then used to improve business processes, optimize data-driven solutions, and make better-informed decisions. In addition to her technical expertise, Sulekha is also a highly effective communicator and collaborator. She has a proven ability to work with cross-functional teams to translate complex data into actionable insights that can be readily understood and adopted by businesses.




Dileep Vuppaladhadiam is an accomplished leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (A1/ ML) with a remarkable 18-year track record of shaping the industry. His expertise spans a wide spectrum of domains, including solution design, data architecture, data engineering, data science, and the practical application of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. 

Throughout his career, Dileep has played a pivotal role in deploying cutting-edge A1/ML-based applications, employing rigorous data science methodologies to empower data-driven decision-making. His achievements include the successful implementation of numerous A1/ML solutions, both on-premises and in cloud environments, delivering substantial business value.

Dileep's academic journey is equally impressive, featuring multiple majors encompassing accounting, economics, finance, business administration, data science, artificial intelligence, business analytics, and business intelligence. His commitment to education extends beyond his own studies, as he has also served as a dedicated coach, mentor, and faculty member, inspiring and guiding countless aspiring data scientists.

His professional footprint spans diverse sectors, including Manufacturing and Industrial, Information Technology, Banking, Finance, Retail, Travel and Tourism, and Consulting. Dileep has had the privilege of leading Research and Development, Technical Consultancy, and Support teams, bringing innovative solutions to renowned organizations such as IBM, Capgemini, Barclays, HSBC, HomeCredit, Mindtree, and Infosys.

Currently, Dileep holds the prestigious position of Vice President at Wells Fargo, where he plays a pivotal role in guiding the global enterprise toward achieving significant and sustainable business value. His focus centers on harnessing the power of robust and scalable data engineering and data science approaches tailored to the modern business landscape. Through his leadership, he champions data-driven business and technical transformations, enabling the creation of substantial value on a global scale.