Mahmoud is a results-driven software engineer with an impressive range of skills. He is an experienced full-stack developer and data scientist with a proven track record of delivering top-notch software products and services on time and within budget. Mahmoud's passion for coding ignited during his college days, and it continues to burn brightly today. Crafting clean code and tackling challenging algorithms bring him immense joy and fulfillment. 

Mahmoud's expertise spans various programming languages and frameworks, including Python, C#, Java, Rust, and C/C++. He stands out with proficiency in FastAPI, Django, NodeJS, Yew, and ReactJS. His technical writing style makes complex information easy to understand through clear and concise documentation. Equipped with qualifications equivalent to a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from The Lebanese University, his skill set becomes even more impressive.

Mahmoud’s excellent technical writing skills coupled with his passion for nurturing long-term client relationships make him adept at delivering sustainable software solutions to solve business problems effectively.

Outside of his professional life, Mahmoud enjoys spending time with his loved ones. Whether participating in outdoor activities like biking and hiking in the mountains near his home or immersing himself in a good read, he finds joy in every aspect of life.




Arman Riazi holds an M.Sc and offers Web3 services and solutions based on DeSci. 

As a practitioner and counselor in the realm of Web3, Arman possesses a deep understanding and expertise in this domain. He is invigorated by the opportunity to actualize your objectives, and his approach revolves around constructing solutions written in the Rust language. 

With an extensive background in creating and delivering products at the executive level, Arman has acquired valuable experience in this realm. 

He espouses the belief that contemporary society offers ample opportunities for individuals to acquire knowledge and attain higher education. However, cultivating an engineering mindset necessitates diverse interactions, including experiential learning and self-awareness. Arman encourages aspiring professionals to explore other fields of study and engage with relevant books, fostering an open-minded perspective and providing valuable insights. These activities equip individuals with the ability to perpetually learn, withstand challenges, and overcome obstacles, even in the face of arduous circumstances and substantial setbacks. These attributes distinguish mentees from elite practitioners, contributing to their continuous success and prosperity in their respective roles.