Laurence Svekis is an esteemed web developer, online educator, and entrepreneur, distinguished for his dynamic contributions to the field of technology and digital learning. With a career spanning over two decades in developing web applications, he has become a cornerstone in the online educational sphere, teaching programming courses and sharing his extensive knowledge with a global audience.

Laurence’s journey in the realm of web development is marked by his early adoption and mastery of various programming languages, including a notable proficiency in JavaScript. His expertise extends into the intricate functionalities of Google Workspace.

As an online instructor, Laurence has authored a plethora of courses that cater to a wide range of topics in web development. These courses are not only comprehensive but are also designed to be accessible to learners at different stages of their coding journey, from beginners to advanced practitioners. His commitment to education is evident in his achievement of reaching over one million students worldwide, a testament to the impact and reach of his teaching methods.

Beyond his online courses, Laurence has also made his mark as a best-selling author. His publications resonate with his teaching philosophy, offering readers practical insights and guiding them through the complexities of web development and programming with clarity and ease.

Laurence's passion for technology and innovation doesn't stop at teaching and writing. He is also an entrepreneur at heart, constantly exploring new frontiers in web technology and developing solutions that address real-world challenges. His enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and empowering others to harness the power of technology underscores his role as a leader and visionary in the digital world.

To sum up, Laurence Svekis stands out as a top-tier web developer, an influential online educator, a best-selling author, and an inspiring entrepreneur. His contributions have not only enriched the field of web development but have also paved the way for countless learners to unlock their potential in the digital landscape.




Siddharth Shrivastava is a seasoned Front-End Technical Lead at HCLTech, specializing in crafting accessible and inclusive products, along with digital experiences tailored for the web. His journey in the tech landscape began in 2014, and over the past transformative 9+ years, he has built software for FinTech, Telecom, and Banking clients in the USA

Siddharth's evolution has led him from crafting websites to mastering dynamic front-end technologies. Currently, at HCL, he orchestrates the conversion of mockups into vibrant interfaces, aligning technological prowess with software life cycles. His work not only exhibits technical expertise but also delivers substantial value to the products of esteemed clients.

Before moving to the USA, Siddharth worked for a FinTech client in India, gaining valuable experience in the FinTech domain and understanding compliance and data-driven development. Prior to that, he worked with a Telecom client, where he migrated the website from Angular to React. Siddharth started his career at Cognizant, working as a full-stack Engineer with C#, JavaScript, and Angular. 

Siddharth Shrivastava's story is one of continuous learning, innovation, and dedication to his craft. His work reflects his belief that a problem is an opportunity to do your best, and his commitment to delivering substantial value through his technical expertise.