Robin is an experienced engineering leader with over 15 years of experience delivering software for startups, scale-ups, and enterprises in BFSI, EdTech, and Retail domains. He has led Dev, QA, and DevOps teams. Robin mentors at ADPList and Plato, contributes to open-source projects like Selenium, created the TestZeus Salesforce test automation framework, and has authored online courses. He is an international speaker, presenting at events such as Dreamforce and the Selenium Conference.




Shreya Singh Patel has been on an automation adventure for nearly a decade, building rock-solid testing frameworks with Selenium and Java like a tech architect conjuring bug-resistant fortresses. But her repertoire doesn't end there! She works on API automation, mobile automation, database, and load testing. Every mastered technology adds another vibrant thread to her ever-expanding skillset.

She has been working in the IT industry for over 7 years on various automation projects, also witnessing the rise in demand for automation in each industry, not just IT. 

But she is not just about conquering bugs, she's about lighting the way for others. Witnessing the "Aha!" moments when her mentored manual testers transform into automation heroes fuels her passion more than any squashed superbug. She currently mentors colleagues, guiding them through code and frameworks until they write their own automation victories. 

She actively volunteers as Internship Operation Head for both summer and winter internships at Internity Foundation, a startup. Her passion for mentorship shines through as she guides interns, sharing her knowledge and empowering them to build their own careers in the exciting world of automation. 

That's why this book review opportunity feels like destiny. It's a chance for her to share her hard-won knowledge, acting as a friendly translator through the sometimes-confusing world of Selenium for eager beginners. Imagine her as a bridge, connecting complex code to wide-eyed minds, and empowering them to embark on their own testing adventures.