1. Part A Employability Skills
(a) Unit-1 Communication Skills-II
(i) Chapter-1 Communication Skills
(b) Unit-2 Self-Management Skills-II
(i) Chapter-2 Self-Management
(c) Unit-3 ICT Skills-II
(i) Chapter-3 Information Technology & Communication
(d) Unit-4 Entrepreneurial Skills-II
(i) Chapter-4 Entrepreneurship
(e) Unit-5 Green Skills-II
(i) Chapter-5 Green Skills
  1. Part B Subject Specific Skills

(a) Unit-1 Digital Documentation (Advanced)

(i) Chapter-1 Advanced Features of Word Processor

(b) Unit-2 Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)

(i) Chapter-2 Advanced Features of Spreadsheet
(ii) Chapter-3 More about Spreadsheet

(c) Unit-3 Database Management System

(i) Chapter-4 Database Management
(ii) Chapter-5 More on Database

(d) Unit-4 Web Applications and Security

(i) Chapter-6 Web Application
(ii) Chapter-7 Web Security and Workplace Safety
  1. Part C Practical Work
(a) Python Practical Questions 
(b) Viva Voce Questions
  1. Projects 
  2. Glossary 
  3. CBSE Sample Question Paper