A Grammar Series That Uses the Functional Approach


  • Functional approach to grammar teaching, using exemplars to illustrate the usage before defining the structure and rules
  • Vocabulary taught through language-in-use to build the learners’ vocabulary through use rather than memorisation of rules
  • Contemporary topics to inculcate 21-century skills amongst learners
  • Use of literature to help learners understand how grammar is used in text
  • A comprehension section comprising texts from different genres so that learners may relate grammar to different types of works produced in English
  • Phonics in Grades 1 and 2 to teach the very basis of language
  • Uniquely stylised illustrations
  • Activities such as puzzles, crosswords, word grids and games to aid the facilitator in using the concept of ‘flipped classroom’
  • Periodic tests to help the learners self-assess the acquisition of concepts
  • Digital component to cater to a technology-driven classroom


My Blue Book of Grammar is a course that has been conceptualized and designed keeping in mind the increasingly dynamic role of the English language in today’s world. Especially in our country, where English serves as the lingua franca, a grammar course has to offer not only an exposition of the pedagogy but also the exhibition of the utility of that pedagogy. The aim of a grammar series should be to encourage the development of competency amongst learners, even though their proficiency levels may vary. While the level of exposure to English of all learners may be different, a grammar series should aid in the development of a certain level of confidence amongst the learners, with the end result being that they are able to converse without hesitation in English.  


  • Understand grammar concepts
  • Learn how to use different vocabulary concepts taught through language-in-use 
  • Learn 21-century skills 
  • Develop deeper understanding of and appreciation for literature
  • Have clearer pronunciation through a better understanding of phonics


School students of Grades 7