Touchpad Computer Applications series is comprehensively designed as per the new ICSE syllabus.


  • National Education Policy 2020.
  • Some More Programs: This section contains additional programs related to the chapter.
  • Glossary: This section contains definitions of important IT terms.
  • Model Test Paper: This section contains sample question papers for practice.
  • Most Common Programming Mistakes: This section contains an overview of some of the common mistakes that programmers often make while programming.
  • Digital Solutions


This book will help the students to learn programming in an effective and interactive manner. This book contains an ample amount of interactive programs for the students to practice and learns programming. This book will help

the students to learn the fundamental concepts of Object-Oriented Programming in Java. The programs are designed to develop the learner’s analytical thinking so that they are able to understand and develop programs on their own.

To help the student understand the concept of programming, the codes are written clearly and neatly with line numbers and proper indents. These programs have been executed in the BlueJ Development Environment. All the codes are accompanied by their outputs. These codes are presented as they appear on the BlueJ platform. All the keywords appearing in the code are coloured as they appear in the platform respectively. This book also contains sample question papers to provide the learners with a grasp of what the question paper looks like.

The book also contains previous year’s questions from the past decade to cover as many questions and their variations.


You will learn about:

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to Java
  • Elementary Concept of Objects and Classes
  • Values and data types
  • Operators in Java
  • Input in Java
  • Mathematical Library Methods
  • Conditional constructs in Java
  • Iterative constructs in Java
  • Nested for loops
  • Computing and Ethics


Grade 9