Touchpad AI series has some salient features such as AI Game, AI Lab & NEP 2020.

KEY FEATURES (5-7 points)(each point should be 70 characters with space)(to be filled by author)

  • National Education Policy 2020
  • AI Game: It contains an interesting game or activity for the students.
  • AI Lab: It contains questions to improve practical skills.
  • Brainy Fact: It is an interesting fact relevant to the topic.
  • AI Glossary: This section contains definition of important AI terms.
  • Video Session: This section contains a link of the video related to the topic for better understanding of the concept.
  • Digital Solutions


Touchpad Artificial Intelligence series has some salient features such as AI Reboot, AI Deep Thinking, AI in Life, AI Lab and AI Ready which ensures that NEP 2020 guidelines are followed. The series is written keeping in mind about the future and scope that lies in Artificial Intelligence. The knowledge is spread in a phased manner so that at no age the kid finds it difficult to understand the theory.

There are some brainstorming activities in the form of AI Task in between the topics to ensure that students give pause to their learning and use their skills to reach to some creative ideas in solving given problems. Every chapter has competency based questions as guided by CBSE to ensure that students are capable of applying their learning to solve some real-life challenges. There are plenty of Video Sessions for students and teachers to go beyond the syllabus and enrich their knowledge.


You will learn about:

  • Communication Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Fundamentals of computers
  • ICT Tools
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Green Skills
  • Capstone Project
  • Model Lifecycle
  • Data Storytelling


Grade 12