Meigha Rawat is an English language author, editor, teacher trainer, and consultant with an experience spanning approximately two decades. Her experience has taken her all over the country for workshops, seminars, and consultancy. Writing materials for learners of English has been another one of her occupations, and she is the author of four published ELT series based on the CBSE and ICSE curricula and has also authored two international CEFR-based series, with a few more international series in the works. She is also a contributor to a picture dictionary brought out in collaboration with the European Language Institute, making her the only Indian author to have worked with the Institute. She has consulting experience too, including curriculum development, examination writing, and editing projects. In her years of teacher training, she has worked primarily with in-service teachers and has held close to three dozen workshops on wide-ranging topics – from phonics to grammar, and from using drama techniques in the classroom to activity planning in the classroom. 

She also works with international publishers on providing teacher-training and internal staff workshops. She has trained international teachers from Mexico, South Africa, Ghana, the MENA region, and the rest of South Asia. Furthermore, she has conducted many conferences and webinars for ILPs on varied topics. She has also created certificate courses for international publishers for their in-service teacher training and sales- and marketing training programs.