Rajesh Gheware is a seasoned professional in the IT industry, known for his expertise and contributions in the field of DevOps. With over two decades of experience, Rajesh has made a significant impact in the areas of cloud computing, containerization, and strategic IT architectures. His career has been marked by progressive roles, starting as a software engineer and evolving into a Chief Architect, a position he has held at several prestigious organizations.

Rajesh's journey in technology began with a strong foundation in engineering, having earned an M.Tech from IIT Madras. His passion for technology, combined with a keen understanding of business needs, has enabled him to lead complex IT projects and strategies successfully. Rajesh’s technical skills are diverse, including expertise in Kubernetes, Docker, AWS services, and various software frameworks and protocols.

Rajesh boasts a diverse IT career with impactful roles at UniGPS Solutions, JP Morgan Chase, and Deutsche Bank. He spearheaded IT strategies and cutting- edge solutions, particularly in cloud computing and containerization, setting industry benchmarks. A thought leader in DevOps, Rajesh actively contributes to platforms like DZone, LinkedIn, and OpenSourceForU, offering valuable insights into DevOps tools and methodologies.

Rajesh's expertise extends to mentoring. His workshops and training sessions in Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, and DevOps practices have established him as a sought- after speaker and educator with an approachable and informative style. Known for his problem-solving skills, mentorship, and contributions to DevOps best practices, Rajesh is a respected figure in the community, driven by continuous learning and knowledge sharing.




Thinknyx® Technologies is a team of professionals with years of experience in IT technology, ranging from Software Development to the Management of IT Infrastructure, Cloud, Automation, Container Management, Web and APP Development, Security, and Professional Services. Recognized as a reputable brand, Thinknyx® Technologies provides IT consulting services, offering comprehensive Information Technology and Soft Skills’ Training. Additionally, they offer Talent Acquisition and Recruitment solutions to diverse organizations worldwide.

Mr. Yogesh Raheja, the Founder and CEO of Thinknyx® Technologies, is a certified expert in DevOps, SRE, Cloud, and Containerisation, with two decades of IT experience.

He has expertise in technologies such as Public/Private Cloud, Containers, Automation tools, Continuous Integration/Deployment/Delivery tools, Monitoring and Logging tools, and more. Mr. Raheja is passionate about sharing his technical expertise with a global audience through various forums, conferences, webinars, blogs, and LinkedIn. Moreover, he has authored multiple books, including Effective DevOps with AWS, Automation with Puppet 5, and Automation with Ansible, and has published his online courses on various platforms. Furthermore, he has reviewed multiple books, including Implementing Splunk 7, Third Edition and Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook, Third Edition, among others.